Whether luxury travel is just a dream or a delightful reality in your life, reading about exotic destinations, luxurious villas on secluded beaches, or the ultimate safari can be a pleasure in itself. Browsing through a glossy magazine is one option, but for true variety, independent reviews and up to the minute advice you need to look at an online luxury travel magazine.

There are a handful of genuinely independent travel magazines to be found online and just a few that are as gorgeous looking and stylish as the glossy magazines that they are gradually replacing. But when you find a luxury travel magazine online that is both knowledgeable and enjoyable to read, you'll have the best of all worlds at your finger-tips. For together with tantalising reviews and stunning photographs, you'll generally discover a dedicated concierge service attached to the magazine, which can make those dreams become a reality with all the pampering that you could wish for.

An online luxury travel magazine offers a flexibility that the glossies find hard to compete with. Endless space means that all their stories, past and present, can be easily viewed and browsed through. Links to booking forms mean that you can immediately find out whether the secluded beach house or tailor made safari would be available for the dates you have in mind. Special offers are posted as soon as they become available and new stories are added regularly.

Some online travel magazines will specialise in a particular style of travel, like luxury safaris, or indulgent villas, while others will take more of an overview featuring an assortment of stories from luxury family travel ideas to exclusive spa destinations, even embracing business travel for those business travellers who like to travel in style.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next unique travel experience, then browsing through the best online luxury travel magazine will provide you with plenty of ideas, whether you're picturing Cambodia or the Caribbean, Turkey or Costa Rica, or unparalleled luxury in the wilds of Africa itself.

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