When designing a high end bathroom, it is essential to pick each furniture element carefully.

When designing a high end bathroom, it is essential to pick each furniture element carefully. Together, all tastefully chosen elements will create a perfect interior design. Bathroom sinks are no exception and there are many fashionable and luxurious models. If you want to have an elegant or modern bathroom, a vessel sink might be a perfect option for you. Twenty years ago, they were quite rare and often considered a unique designer solution. Now they are in trend again and continue being classy and special while gaining new popularity.

Aquatica offers a wide selection of vessel and other type sinks ((https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/bathroom-sinks-commercial) in order to suit every customer. Such a variety allows picking a vessel sink not only for your own bathroom or a guest restroom, but for public spaces in fancy hotels or restaurants. There are various criteria for each sink, which will provide plenty of space for your imagination.

By selecting the necessary requirements on the website, you can choose the most fitting vessel sink just for you. There are various dimensions (from 10 inches long up to 39), shapes (common oval, round or square shapes and some unusual ones), colors (white, black, bronze, concrete, green, etc. or the combination of two) and the materials.

Selecting an Aquatica Vessel Sink

The luxurious status of Aquatica products is earned thanks to their high quality and original designs. Here are some of the advantages of Aquatica:

The best materials – such composite materials as AquateX and NeroX are used in manufacturing of these sinks. The materials are extremely durable, as well as good looking and environmentally friendly;
Popular designs – some of the most well-known modern designers came together to create excellent furniture pieces for Aquatica. These vessel sinks remain relevant and demanded even now;
Perfect fitting – thanks to a wide range of dimensions it is easy to pick the sink that will fit into you bathroom even if you have already bought a countertop.

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