4C edges wigs:

4C edges wigs are the new launch of Luvmehair. These wigs are 100% virgin human hair made. 4C edges wigs are from luvme’s newly launched Afros-inspired wigs in which they’ve shown the natural pattern of the African hairstyles. These wigs are natural and primitive and look gorgeous.

Many people love to opt for African hairstyles and luvme has made it easier and brought you Afros-inspired wigs and 4C edges wigs are one of them. It has a kinky edge that looks unbelievably realistic. If you’re also thinking to get Afros inspired 4C edge wig then visit luvmehair.

Currently, Luvmehair is offering huge discount deals sitewide so you can save up to $80 off or avail buy 1 and get 1 free deal and save up to 50% off. Must check the collection of 4C edges wigs exclusively available at luvme and give your hair look a new horizon of style.

Why try 4C edge wigs?

1. This is a fluffy wig that looks shows the natural beauty of African hair.

2. Its kinky edges are realistic and give the appearance of a natural hairline.

3. 4C edge wigs are beginners friendly because you really don’t need to style their hairline and the kinky edge looks already styled and plucked.

4. 4C edge wigs are glueless so you just need to wear it, adjust it and you’re good to go.

5. It comes with a double-layered hairline that melts at its best.

6. The flawless melt hairline of 4C edges wigs shows the natural textures of African hairs.

7. They are made of human hair that feels soft and has a smooth texture.

8. The natural 4C edges have durable strands and can be styled in no time.

9. It allows versatility in styling and enables you to opt for abundant styles.

10. No doubt 4C edges wig are easy to use and a time saver.

11. The fuller and soft strands of 4C edge wigs can hold up even after multiple washes.

12. Luvme 4C edge wigs have ultra natural loc that requires low maintenance and can be restyled.

13. These wigs a natural from every angle and give you protective styling.

Virgin hair bundles:

Virgin hair bundles are a tremendous launch of luvmehair. They enable you to opt for some hairstyles and give a look like natural hair. They are made of 100% human hair so can be opted for any occasion. Virgin hair bundles add a huge volume to your hair and they are available in different textures.

If you wanna buy virgin hair bundles from luvme then don’t waste time. Go and grab your favorite texture virgin hair bundles and save up to 50% off as the black Friday sale is live. Luvme’s Black Friday sale is offering handsome discounts that you can avail by using exclusive discount codes and saving up to $80 sitewide.

Care instructions:

Let’s talk about the care instructions for virgin hair bundles.

Wide tooth comb:

To brush your virgin hair bundle, you have to use a wide-tooth comb to prevent tangles and hair shedding. A paddle brush or simple hair brush can bring frizz to the hair bundle.

Air dry:

Always let your virgin hair bundles air dry after washing them. The heat dry can cause frizz and dryness in strands and makes it difficult to maintain the virgin hair bundle.

Avoid dyes:

You don’t need to dye your virgin hair bundles because it can damage the hair strands. If you use hair dye for a longer period then your hair bundles will ultimately lose their shine and will be of no use.

Minimum wash:

You don’t need to wash your virgin hair bundles every alternate day. It’s recommended to wash them once in 15 days or after wearing them at least 10 times. Excessive wash can also make strands brittle and dry.

Right product:

For a virgin hair bundle, you have to invest in products made for virgin hair. Otherwise, the harsh ingredients can badly damage hair bundles. So keep your virgin hair bundle moisturized and conditioned by choosing the right product.

Undetectable lace wigs:

Undetectable lace wigs are available at luvmehair. They are top-selling wigs in the wedding season because it gives natural look and it’s the best wig for a bride. Its melted lace keeps you confident and no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig.

Although undetectable lace wigs are a bit pricey but guess what? Luvme Black Friday sale is here and you can buy undetectable lace wigs at a discounted price and save up to $100 off. Also, avail buy 1 and get 1 free and save up to 50% off and enjoy shopping at discounted rates.

Important considerations:

Let’s talk about some considerations for buying undetectable lace wigs:

Hair type:

First, you need to invest in human hair wigs. Go for an undetectable lace wig that is made of human hair. Because human hair wigs are more durable and natural. Another benefit of investing in an undetectable lace wig is that you can re-dye the wig or you can use heat equipment to it without being worried about hair damage.

Length and size:

If you’re a beginner then choose an undetectable lace wig that is moderate in length and you can carry easily.

Lace type:

Go for an undetectable lace wig that comes with a lace shade that matches your skin tone so it can melt at its best and provide a natural-looking hairline.


Undetectable lace wigs also come in different densities so for a beginner it's better to go for a medium density so the wig can be styled easily and you can carry it like a pro.


To get a high-quality wig that lasts longer you also have to set your budget accordingly. Make your budget and get a super affordable undetectable lace wig from luvmehair. Now you can buy an undetectable lace wig from the luvme black Friday deal at a handsome discounted rate and save $80 off. I’m sure you won’t regret buying it.

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