Between bon appétit and weight there is only a thin line of gluttony. This simply means that one is obese because of extra craving for good food. Well if it is so, don’t start thinking that it’s too late. A right beginning can start in an instant and amend your ways to lose weight.

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but most of them are ineffective, some have considerable health risks and rest just doesn’t care for your body’s nourishment. To lose weight safely you require an alternative food habit, one that needs to be cultivated while synchronizing a bond between your taste buds and diet.

Fortunately HCG diet plan works that way. It is not only well customized for each person, medically supervised, but keeps strict note of the calories taken by a dieter, which never falls below 800 per day. HCG incorporated diet especially Diet Doc’s prescribed HCG is a highly successful weight loss plan. It has helped people to lose weight while not compromising with their health, like most other weight loss programs do. HCG diet plan also includes many supplements and products to keep energy levels for your body high.

Juicing for weight loss is another viable option to lose weight. Apart from giving concentrated nutrition, boost immunity and improving digestion it also provides;

1) Varied Nutritional Advantage - Fresh juice is source to minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. That is why it is also the most powerful source to keep body nourished while also losing weight.
2) Controls Appetite & Food Cravings - As mentioned earlier appetite leads to food cravings. Obesity causes undue food cravings which are naturally suppressed by fresh juice.
3) Lowers Cholesterol Naturally - Without deploring your carbohydrates, nutrients and energy, fresh juice has the capability to keep the cholesterol level lowered naturally.
4) Balances Blood Sugar - While fresh juices satiate your sweet tooth it keeps your blood sugar considerably well balanced.
5) Strong Detoxifying and Diuretic - Cleansing your body inside out, fresh juices are also strong diuretic. So that puffiness and problem of stomach bloating are reduced significantly with fresh juices recipes for weight loss.

Additionally, here are three amazingly delicious, yet nutritional fresh juice recipes for weight loss:-

1st Recipe – Mix
1)Four large carrots
2)One-quarter cup fresh spinach
3)One red apple (cored, seeded, and skin left on)
4)Two celery stalks (leaves on)
5)2 Tbsp each lemon and lime juice
6)Three sprigs fresh parsley

2nd Recipe - Mix
1)One cucumber (leave skin on)
2)Three stalks of celery (leaves on)
3)One medium sized red apple (cored, seeds removed, but skin left on)
4)2 Tbsp of vanilla flavored protein powder

3rd Recipe - Mix
1)Six large strawberries
2)Two navel oranges (skin removed)
3)One grapefruit (skin removed)
4)2 Tbsp plain or vanilla flavored protein powder
5)One-half a banana (peeled)
6)One-quarter cup of cubed ice

Enjoy taste, boost health and lose weight !!!

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