The city of Hobart, situated off the southern coast of Australia is one of the most scenic places you’ll find in the world. As Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart is a thriving hub of art, food, culture and natural attractions. The city has a well-defined transportation system which even includes the metro trains, which suggests getting around Hobart is quick and easy. If you wish to combine your lunch and sightseeing in Hobart in one go, there are numerous lunch cruises in Hobart that will take you to the famous destinations such as Peppermint Bay and Wineglass Bay. Keep reading to find out more about things to see and do in Hobart.

Cruises in Hobart

Cruising is always an experience that brings joy and treasurable memories. Traverse the D’Entrecasteaux channel and the Derwent River on a relaxing lunch cruise in Hobart to experience the best of this beautiful city. If you’re someone who loves digging into the history of the place you’re visiting, the Hobart Historic cruises are just for you. Most of the lunch cruises in Hobart stop for lunch at the Peppermint Bay, which is one of the most picturesque places in the city. Hop on board a Hobart Historic cruise to witness its historic sandstone warehouses at Salamanca Place and the age-old floating Brooke Street Pier. You can learn more about the waters and the historic sites from a professional tourist guide on board. For the first-time visitors in Hobart, cruising could be a convenient option that will help you cover several places within a short period of time.

Other popular things to do and see in Hobart

If you were to walk through the streets and roads of Hobart, you will come across numerous restaurants that make use of fresh local produce to create signature dishes. Go on a food journey around Hobart for an authentic taste of Tasmanian cuisine. Some of the famous food destinations in Hobart are Port Arthur, Huon Valley and Hadspen. The city’s wine regions are also among the not-to-be-missed places. From Tamar Valley to Hadspen and Hobart, you can stop by at various breweries to get a taste of Tasmania’s popular whisky and gin, or perhaps get first-hand experience in decanting a vat or bottling the wine.

Besides the places to wine and dine in Hobart, there is a roaring art that explains the existence and culture of this magnificent city. Visit the Museum of Old and New Art(MONA), Australia’s largest privately owned museum, for an inspiring art-fix. The museum’s art collection is prolific and provocative, attracting a huge throng of artists and art-lovers to the site every year. While you’re here, be sure to check out the eateries and brews which are known for their artistic rendition of food and beverages.

The Freycinet Peninsula is another must-visit place to witness the dramatic coastlines characterised by pink granite peaks, abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches and secluded bays.This dazzling destination stands in contrast to the other mainstream tourist destinations in Hobart and proudly displays a greener and cleaner side of Tasmania.

Hobart’s pristine locations and other attractions make it a paradise on earth. Be it a short getaway or a pre-planned vacation, Hobart has lots to offer you. So get your backpacks ready, this could be your dream destination!

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Planning to visit Hobart? Have no second thoughts for the city has everything to offer anyone who pays a visit. Be it a lunch cruise experience in Hobart or a food journey to the city’s most popular breweries and restaurants, surprises await you.