A group of developers has been working to surprise the market with LunaOne's hyper-real unlimited 3D virtual environment. Attend expos and concerts, and live as though there is no limit to the cosmos.

LunaOne's XLN currency is critical to developing the ecosystem it is creating. Exchange money XLN will be the most commonly accepted when combined with NFT products.
The project will soon go live, and we will take advantage of this event to share a quick overview of LunaOne’s main features.

Making a Case for a Decentralized Lifestyle

LunaOne's districts allow customers to acquire virtual land. By definition, NFTs are unique. The team is relying on this feature to enable metaverse-wide customization.

Aside from vacationing, those who purchase real estate can host friends and family at their new home. For events like concerts and conferences, LunaOne allows consumers to attend without the assistance of a third-party provider.

Aiming to Long-Term True Decentralization

According to the developers, a decentralized file storage mechanism (or, if you prefer, DFS) will help the project to decentralize the network's operations further.

Each token owner has the opportunity to influence the future evolution of the platform through the use of an internal voting system. In addition to voice, text, and data transfers, the decentralization of LunaOne's services will bet on a variety of other services.

To communicate with one another throughout all of the universes, we must be able to communicate with one another. A communication plan for both online and offline communication is currently under study and development.

A Gamble on Hyper-Realism

Real-time facial tracking is possible with the LunaOne monitoring gadget. Tracking and haptic suits and gloves will also be part of the ensemble.

As a result of this technology, the group predicts that users will be able to touch and feel the virtual world directly on their skin.

They're working with VR and AR companies to produce wearable equipment for the project's participants. Those who acquire one of these LunaOne-branded kits will be able to have this experience in the metaverse and see the project in action for themselves.

Mainstream Accessibility on LunaOne

While existing VR/AR settings are limited to a few specific devices, LunaOne will be available on a wide range of gaming and VR/AR platforms. It's possible to access the LunaOne ecosystem even if you're not using a well-known gaming platform. There are plans to make LunaOne compatible with cellphones as well.

Popular gaming websites like Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network receive hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. It's evident what the team's aim is with this structure: to break into a market via established methods.

Bottom Line

Owners of this next-generation platform will be able to influence the development of the Metaverse through the use of the native XLN coin which is available from the LunaOne website.

Former Fortune 500 executives are among the company's top executives, according to the LunaOne website. The platform's extension beyond gaming will allow users to attend live events from the comfort of their own homes.

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