Any great fisherman knows that you cannot catch a good fish without the right bait and a lot of time on your hands. When you fish, you set time aside, and you have the right tools for the job. After that, all you do is pay attention to the conditions, get a good feel for the weight and balance of the fishing pole, and then know when to reel in the catch. Luck could be thought to be the same way; you have to be prepared to catch it, because it can easily slip away from you just as quickly as it tugged on your line.

Innovation Where You Least Expect It
Of course, these days anyone can go to a grocery store and buy a fish from the seafood section, but it was not always that easy. There was a time when men and women had to catch their own dinner, and then one day, some of those fishermen realized that they could sell what they caught. They saw that people wanted food, and were willing to trade other items for it. That was an innovative move, and even though it seems basic to us now, it was a huge step up back then.

What the Past Tells Us
If those fishermen could turn the act of catching fish into something bigger, then it is possible to do the same in your life, but it all comes from being able to provide something important. Whether that “something” happens to be a great product that you personally create, your own hard work, or a brand that you recognize as being high value, the only important fact is going to be how you can use it to get what you want.

Predicting the Future
We can never exactly know what lies ahead, but we can “future-proof” ourselves by understanding what made those first fishermen such great successes. They worked hard, day in and day out, to get a product that they needed, and recognized an opportunity when they saw one.

Supply, Demand, and You
Even as markets change and advance, they remain based on these principles to this very day, and it will be that exact idea of having something of value and recognizing the opportunity that will create what some people may call “being lucky”. However, it’s really the result of hard work and the persistent small actions that achieve progress. All it takes is a little bait, awareness, and patience.

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