When a person bids adios to his day’s activities, getting night vision is inevitable which we label as dreams. But not all dreams are the same, there is an interesting variety of dream known as “lucid dreaming” which is more like playing a video game than watching a movie. It is simply the act of knowing that you are dreaming whilst you are dreaming.

When most of us dream, our thoughts and actions are involuntary. But lucid dreams are a type of dreams that give a person control over their dreams. They may have control to do something while sleeping that is a far fetched from reality they are awake like eating fire, teleporting oneself to a different planet.

Shedding some more light on lucid dreams, there is 20-30% of the population who enter the stage of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams have been scientifically proven to exist. Stephen LaBerge of The Lucidity Institute used a special machine to track eye movements during a dream. He asked lucid dreamers to point their eyes left and right in quick succession once they became "conscious" in their dreams, and this movement was recorded on the machine.

Entering lucid dreams gives people an euphoric feeling. Many beginning lucid dreamers get so excited by the realization that they’re in a lucid dream that they inadvertently wake themselves up. Or, their mind is just getting used to the sensation that they don’t stay in it for very long. To prolong your dream, try one of these tips.

Pro lucid dreamers suggest these help establish you in the dream state and distract your mind from the physical sensations of waking up.

• Fall backwards or spin around in the dream.

• Rub your hands together in the dream.
Continue doing whatever you were just doing in the dream, and try to convince yourself you’re still in the dream.

A lucid dream offers many perks-

1. It helps overcome anxiety- we all have at some point of time have experienced some degree of anxiety. Lucid dreaming can help us overcome by putting this in control. For example, you are afraid of public speaking, one can practice taking command and building confidence while you are having a lucid dream. It helps us take anxiety away from us when a person gets awake.

2. It is fun - this is the simplest reason why one engages in lucid dreaming. Its a fusion of fun and frolic. Lucid dreaming gives a sensation of playing video games.

3. It helps you get in touch with your spirituality. Dreams have been considered a part a part of our spiritual world.

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