It’s spring! Time to celebrate our emergence from hibernation. OK we I know we aren’t bears, but sometimes I feel like one, especially this time of year when the weather starts to break. Plants pop up from the ground and you start to see the critters that disappeared for the winter like possums raccoons skunks, bear and Oh yes…your neighbors. Remember those folks? You used to see them cutting their lawns and working on their gardens?
The difference between the hibernators and us, is that while they have slowed down their metabolism to stretch their energy supplies through the winter; we on the other hand ratchet ours up. We’re lugging around heavy winter coats, trudging through the tundra and shoveling snow. On the whole, everything is harder in the wintertime.
That’s enough to get my blood pressure up just recalling those long and difficult months.
Ah…blood pressure…I knew there was a reason for my rant. Let’s talk about what you can do to avoid high blood pressure and maybe even get off high blood pressure drugs that you are taking.
When trying to reduce blood pressure you must commit yourself to the fact that this needs to be addressed from several angles…., Lifestyle [this includes mental attitudes] Supplements and Diet.
Here is an outline that I hope will be helpful to you.
? Check blood pressure 3-4 times daily. This may mean that you will have to purchase an automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. They can be obtained at most drug stores or department stores.
? If it is high, try to notice any physical symptoms you are feeling such as irritability, slight headache or a throbbing sensation in hands or face. This will help alert you in the future when it is high. Keep in mind these symptoms are subtle and you may have no symptoms at all. If you are on B. P. meds, continue taking them until your blood pressure is on the low end of normal. You may be able to wean yourself off them by taking them every other day while taking the herbs and supplements I recommend. Discuss this with your doctor. [I have to say that]
? Discontinue saunas until your blood pressure is under control, 140/80 or less.
? Start an exercise and/or yoga and meditation program
? If your BP is high try using a “square breathing technique” to lower it. Instructions below.
? Walk-Each day try to walk for at least twenty minutes. Or better yet; do a walking meditation. All this entails is repeating a phrase in your mind over and over as you walk. I like to use a positive affirmation such as – “I am grateful for my blessings”. You can use the phases such as, “spring flowers” or “autumn leaves”.
? Each day, try doing something that brings you joy. I don’t care if it’s clipping coupons or doing a crossword puzzle. When you make time to do this, you reduce stress.
? Be mindful of your mental chatter. Correct it when you find it is being too self critical or critical of others.
? Breathe deep long slow breathes. Several times a day do this and imagine all tension and negativity being released with every exhale.

Multivitamin – women can take prenatal vitamins, seniors, a silver formula and men may wish to take a formula for men.
Grape seed extract 150-300 mgs. Daily
Omaga-3 – 1200 mg daily
Hawthorn Berries – 3 capsules morning and evening
Ginkgo – 240 mgs. Daily
Vitamin D – 2000 IU daily
Coenzyme Q10 – 50-150 mgs. Daily
Calcium – 1 – 1.5 grams daily [1000-1500 mgs]
Potassium – 800-1500 mgs daily
Magnesium – 500 mg.

Eliminate: Sugar; White flour; White rice; Trans-fats and lower your intake of carbohydrates.
Add: Fresh garlic; turmeric; cayenne and fresh ginger root. (Garlic and ginger root blend very well in a stir fry dish). If you have trouble adding these because of distaste for them you can purchase them in capsule form. Eat more organic celery.
Add healthy fats such as Salmon; Olive oil; Grapeseed oil and Flaxseed oil.
Add Legumes: Beans; Lentils; Garbanzo beans; Kidney beans etc.
Add Green leafy vegetables: spinach; collard greens; Swiss chard; kale etc.
Add Healthy roots: Turnips; parsnips; rutabaga; radishes
Add Fresh fruits: apples; peaches; pears; papaya; mangos; strawberries; blueberries; oranges; grapefruit etc.

Square Breathing Technique:
? Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor [this step is not totally necessary as you can use square breathing anytime]
? Take a slow breath in through your nose while counting slowly to 4
? Hold the breath in for another slow count of 4
? Exhale through your mouth for a slow count of 4
? Hold again for a slow count of 4
? Continue 1-5 minutes or until you begin to feel calm.

As you will see; a lot of little changes can make a BIG difference in how you feel. I hope you will all try at least half of these suggestions because they can truly enhance your health.
Love and Light, Lori