Skipping breakfast is the most common practice amongst those who intend to lose weight. But it is important to note that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and hence it is not wise to miss this essential meal. Every one intends to make breakfast that’s not too time consuming and easy to be prepared. And in this view most of us end up heating up some cold fast food from the fridge and end up putting in some extra unwanted calories. But it is wiser to eat something healthy while you start your day. Oats in the breakfast is one healthiest breakfast. Oats can be turned into tastiest of breakfasts with some mouth-watering recipes by Quaker. Breakfasts with oats can now be made sumptuous with dishes like oats palak parantha, oats patty sandwich, oats uthhapam, oats dosa, oats vegetable poha, oats upma with vegetables, oats vanilla lemon waffles, oats potato sandwich etc. These items take very less time to cook and are rich in fibre and provide daily supply of essential nutrients.

Increased cholesterol levels is nowadays a common health issue. It results due to an imbalanced diet and unhealthy food consumption. It is thus important to eat your way to a low cholesterol breakfast. It is impossible for the fats to dissolve in the blood as a result of which they form deposits. A fibre rich diet such as oats promote the reduction of these deposits of cholesterol in the blood stream. Hence oats is also considered to be a low cholesterol breakfast. The presence of essential fibre called beta glucan has a unique property of the capability to absorb the cholesterol. A fibre rich diet is essential for everybody. But it also demands an adequate intake of water daily. Fibres are required by the body to give a better digestive system and to improve the bowel movements in the body. Without the required amount of water it can result into severe constipation issues. Thus it is recommended to have a fibre rich diet in the breakfast such as oats. This way the body has a whole day for the consumption of sufficient liquid required. This further promotes weight loss in a healthy manner.

Through the introduction of various yummy flavours of Quakers oats, the breakfast has just become tastier and easier than ever before. The sumptuous flavours of kesar/kishmish, strawberry and apple etc. have made this meal even more interesting. Losing weight or keeping a healthy body and heart was never such a tasty task. But with Quakers oats, a healthy self has become a lot more easier. Staying in robust good health has never been so easy!

Stay hale and hearty with Quaker Oats!

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