Do you have lower back pain? Do you experience leg cramps or pins and needles in your feet? If you have these symptoms, it could be due to some problem in your spine. Often, people suffering from medical issues mistakenly assume it as a spine problem. In reality, it could be a spine problem, a medical issue, or a combination of these two.

For instance, a nerve problem can cause lumbar spinal stenosis and a change in blood flow pattern causes peripheral arterial disease. Many symptoms are common for these two medical issues. Same is the case with diabetic neuropathy (or nerve damage) and spinal stenosis. Spinal disc issues and inflammatory arthritis have several symptoms in common.

When the back pain problem is usually suspected?
Spinal stenosis commonly causes non-injury related pain. This is because of the pressure exerted on the nerves due to the narrowing of space surrounding the spinal cord. If you are experiencing the symptoms listed below, it could be due to spinal stenosis:

Lower back pain
Leg cramps
Feeling of heaviness in the legs (It might even lead to walking problems)
An increase in leg pain
Worsening of symptoms with activity
Experiencing relief when in “grocery cart” position, meaning bending forward when you hold a shopping cart
However, the possibility of false positives should not be ignored. When subjected to an MRI scan approximately 21 percent of people who are 60 and above and do not have any symptoms are like to show up signs of spinal stenosis. Sometimes, peripheral arterial disease and spinal stenosis co-exist. This means that a physical exam and other tests are essential to properly diagnose the condition.

When a medical problem is likely to cause
Spinal stenosis and a more serious medical condition can be differentiated in a few ways as follows:

If your symptoms worsen at night and improve with exercise, it may be due to neuropathy.
Young people who experience joint stiffness in the mornings for than 30 minutes and worsening of the symptoms due to inactivity might be suffering from inflammatory arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis.
If your pain worsens when you go uphill, it is commonly due to peripheral arterial disease (build-up of plaque within the vessels supplying blood to your limbs).
Unexplained symptoms like fatigue and weight loss might indicate malignancies. This is very rare but it is worth investigating.
Spinal stenosis – what should you do?
If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, here are a few ways by which you can find relief:

Physical therapy might offer great relief. Stretching and strengthening exercises help to improve muscle strength and support your back. This, in turn, improves your balance and eases the pressure on the nerves.
If you are in Mumbai, check with the best Neurologist in Mumbai as regards the medications (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants) that could be of help to you.
When it comes to chronic back pain treatment in Mumbai, steroid injections may be considered. Doctors don’t recommend steroids as the first option because they can lead to a weakening of tissues and bones over time.
Surgery is resorted to when conservative treatments are not effective. Some procedures reduce symptoms.
What should you do if you suspect something else?

In such a situation, you must visit the best neurology hospital in Mumbai and consult with a doctor. This is because the first step is a proper diagnosis.

Why choose MPCT Hospital?
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