1. Have an effective web or blog site and exposure on social media. Today most people at least research online before buying, if not, buy online. You can do a site your self or hire a designer. Effective does not have to be expensive. Just spend a little time learning about the technologies and decide if you want to do it your self. Either way be sure to use:

* a custom URL
* a email address with your URL e.g., jane(at)customurl.com and a custom email signature
* create a unique page title for each page
* search engine optimization (SEO.) You can learn more at http://www.impressionengineers.com/p77
* promote using article writing, social media and discussion forums
* create an opt-in box to develop leads. Most sites provide an incentive such as a free chapter of your book or a free report to gather the contact information for leads.

To get Impression Engineers free report of the 5 Key To Great Websites + several other great resources go to www.impressionengineers.com and opt-in at the bottom of the page.

2. Create agreements for cross promotions. Sometimes these are called joint ventures, but that term isn’t really accurate for this idea. This is a way to stretch your Advertising and promotions dollars. Find complementary companies to what you offer with the same target market and develop a promotion that will be mutually beneficial.

You could add:

* bonuses to each others offers
* bundle your classes, products or promotions
* pool your marketing dollars to create a campaign….

This works best when written agreements are in place and expectations are managed. A common agreement would have details on:

* Specifications of project including promotion and advertising
* Each person’s or business’ set of duties for each specification
* Timelines and how you would know when there is service completion

3. Develop online free and paid teleseminars and webinars. They are cheaper than doing in-person workshops. Record these events and add the audio and/or video to your website or even turn them into products or home study courses.... Create publicity and press releases for your events to promote your events on social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin to create free publicity and drive people to your website.

Most important though no matter what technique you choose is know who your target market is, develop a who you are and what you do statement along with messages that resonate with that audience—then IMPLEMENT. The best marketing advice we can give you is IMPLEMENT.

Have a great day whatever your adventure
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