Most people fail to truly understand that they have limiting energy or emotion in childhood experiences. Negative emotion, whether strong or mild, feels bad and many of us simply figure out how to disregard it, live with it, or project it farther into the unconscious. People tend to not completely deal with traumatizing emotional experiences.

You've heard the phrase "emotional baggage." Many people go through life carrying outdated, unfinished, painful, intense feelings consistently kept in a place inside of us. These things are an energy pattern that sometimes becomes physical blockages which after a while can become prolonged pain, and eventually (unless balanced) into illness. If you need the support of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Having an independent listener to check in with can help you move away from old patterns much faster.

I wanted to lay this basis for that which lies beneath the torrent of feelings of unworthiness, decreased self-esteem, and a lacking of total acceptance of who you are and self-appreciation. These are huge for most of us. But, your life can be radically different very fast if you're willing to do a bit of work.

If you've acquired a vibration pattern that's running you (consciously or unconsciously) there is an energy field, a vibration that continues to transmit to the Universe... I'm not worth enough, lovable enough, skinny, rich, pretty, intelligent enough or whatever. Empowering yourself with the Law of Attraction is hugely powerful for Relationship Attraction, and it's not difficult to understand.

Now you may think you are a very confident type, I know I thought so. But, if you look around and you are consistently not getting that which you desire, believe me, there's a block somewhere in your beliefs of your self-worth to have what you desire!

Were you aware that who you are is remarkably loving, nice, worthy, beautiful and perfect? You ARE love. You came from love and you will eventually return to love. That is the truth of who you are. We are all that.

Let us go back to this conversation about selfishness, self-care, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Let's bridge the differences between these concepts and make a little sense of this.

For starters, you can only look at the world from a perspective that is self-centered. You have to view your world from your self-centered viewpoint. We have been taught to think that it's not right to keep a viewpoint that is centered in the Self. I'm not going to point fingers at the control agents of our culture and religions, who think it is best to control a group by promising eternal damnation if they did not comply with their standards. All of this is a a piece of the game we are here to play. You can create your own Law of Attraction Relationships today and increase your level of creative potential!

The dictionary defines selfish as looking out for number one, being self-interested, self-seeking, egocentric, ungenerous, and caught up in oneself.

I say that unless you embrace abundant self-love, kindness, and goodness, what you will be able to offer will appear more like a depletion than a generous offering.

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