Newest low fat stress diet including carbohydrates,caffeine and foods to lose weight.Life is filled with stresses. Some big, some little, but all potentially detrimental to your health. Carrying around unrelieved stress can cause all kinds of health problems including, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease as well as tension headaches.

In addition, high stress has been linked to health problems such as obesity and overweight. There are many things you can do to help you reduce that stress and lower the risk of stress related health issues. The first step may be starting a stress diet.

What is A Stress Diet And How Does It Work?

A diet for stress is a diet that includes foods that are actually known to relieve stress levels in your body. These diets are diets that are low in fats, high in certain nutrients and designed to help keep your mood on a more even keel and give you a more positive outlook on life.

These diets are low fat and low sugar diets, because fat is known to help keep stress levels high, while simple sugars create spikes in blood glucose levels that can result in bursts of energy followed by complete lack of energy and even fatigue. Foods that fight stress can do so in a number of different ways. Eating a nutritious diet can improve your immune system making it more difficult for stress to take a toll on your health.

Other foods may improve serotonin levels in your blood, which help prevent mood swings, and still other foods can actually reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood like adrenaline which can affect your health over time.

Diets to reduce stress can even make it easier to take off that extra weight you have been struggling with. Some foods for you to include in your stress fighting diet includes:

Low Fat Stress Diet And Low Sugar:

・ Oatmeal and complex carbohydrates. These foods boost serotonin levels in your blood. Serotonin is a feel good chemical that helps you to remain calm.

・ Vitamin C. Studies show eating a snack containing a high concentration of vitamin C before tackling a stressful task can help return your blood pressure and those stress hormones back to normal levels faster.

・ Green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of magnesium. Studies show that a lack of magnesium can result in headaches and fatigue which may add to those feeling of stress you are already experiencing.

・ Omega 3 Fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna and sardines and not only keep stress levels in check, but also may help increase serotonin levels as well.

Low Fat Stress Diet And Low Sugar:

Eating 3 ounces of fatty fish a week or taking a fish oil supplement can help to ease that stress that is making you sick. In addition, there are various types of nuts that also contain omega 3 fatty acids that may help to keep those stress levels in check.

Foods You Should Limit

Just as there are foods that can help to reduce those stress levels, there are foods that may increase those levels as well. Some of these foods are simple sugars and coffee. Simple sugars are a carbohydrate and cause serotonin levels to spike. Unfortunately, this effect is extremely short lived and can leave you feeling more stressed than ever. In addition, simple carbohydrates also cause spikes in blood glucose levels, which can increase your overall body stress and cause a number of health problem.

Low Fat Stress Diet And Low Sugar:

The high caffeine content and chemicals in coffee can actually cause a rise is the levels of stress hormones making you feel more stressed and anxious. Diets for reducing stress can help you stay healthy by reducing those stress levels that raise your blood pressure and make you sick.

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