Did you remember how you felt when you gave in to your craving for that juicy cheeseburger, fries and soda from your favorite fastfood chain? That initial bite was just glorious, wasn't it? That melt-in-the-mouth goodness was simply heavenly. But have you ever stopped to record how your mood was afterwards? If you haven't, try recording how you felt the next time you had pastries, donuts and fastfood fare to stave off your hunger pangs. Chances are, you'll undoubtedly experience a high peak in your energy levels which will be followed by fatigue or tiredness. You might also be a bit touchy and grouchy and may feel sulky and glum for no apparent and recognizable reason.

These feelings are directly related to what you are eating. Snacks that are composed mainly of simple sugars, trans fatty acids and refined carbohydrates, among others, are the culprits behind spikes in insulin levels. Because they are easily digested, blood sugar levels easily rise up and fall in such short span of time that mood and behavior gets affected. This is the more subtle effect of unhealthy snacking. The more obvious one lies in the physical-- belly bulges, flabby thighs and arms.

This shouldn't discourage you from snacking, however. In fact, you need to snack in small amounts frequently to keep your energy levels up and going all throughout the day. Your choice of food to munch on is crucial and this is where low fat snacks come into play. What exactly are these?

Fruits top the list. While dried fruits are the easy and more convenient low fat snacks you can choose, you can try slicing fresh apples and bananas and dipping them in nonfat yogurt. You can also munch on grapes, blueberries and strawberries together with some low-fat cheese sticks. Another option would be to try out fruits and nuts in combination. Try learning how to make your own homemade ice cream from fresh fruits. Vegetables are also low fat snacks that you can prepare and refrigerate beforehand so you can easily grab them when the need calls for it. Carrots, broccoli and celery can be sliced or prepared in bite-sized sticks for easy munching in mid-mornings or afternoons. You can dip them in low-fat cream cheese or salad dressings for added flavor. Find a recipe for vegetable pizza online-- it's really good and healthy. If you're craving French fries, make your own by baking potatoes, then cutting them into wedges and sautéing them in a little olive oil and salt. You can also satisfy your burger cravings by making your own as well. You can buy readily available beef patties and add lots and lots of lettuce, tomatoes, a pineapple slice and some cucumber slices. Top this with cheese before sandwiching with another sesame burger bun and you've just brought your own healthy fastfood home.

You can also snack on whole grains such as those found in granola bars with fruit and low-fat bran muffins. For your dairy fix, always opt for low-fat cheese, skim milk and nonfat yogurt. Blend fresh or frozen fruits such as strawberries, peaches or bananas with yogurt and milk for tasty and refreshing fruit smoothies. With these choices, you can feast on low fat snacks!

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