Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a multi-dollar company, your office is your productive space. You spend hours after hours every day working in your office which gives you every reason to make it as comfortable as you like it. In addition to regulating your own comfort and taste, your office ambiance leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients and business partners. Having a flossy enough space has not hurt anyone so far! In fact it imparts confidence in your every day dealings and also makes your clients trust your commitment to work instantly. Especially if it’s not costing you your annual profit, give revamping your office a chance and bring refreshing new vibes in your boring workspace. By making a few informed and well researched change you will be all set to seal your next deal without sweating much!

Make It Seem Spacious

Well, it is no news that urbanities struggle with space issues from day one, overcrowded roads, smaller garden, and tinier workspaces are now destined for city dwellers. But just because you do not have a massively spacious office it does not mean that you cannot make it look like one! An easy hack is to decorate vertically, have your book rack mounted on a wall rather than placing it on the floor. The more you can see the shiny floor the spacious your office looks. While you are at it, make sure to add one or two framed mirrors on the walls, possibly the oldest trick but still works like magic!

Customized Merchandise

Add a personalized touch to your office by making your own customized merchandise. It leaves a posh impression on your potential clients as your space looks a bit more put together. Also, not to mention it gives the impression that your company is doing well enough to spare some budget for personalized merchandise. So customized pens or writing pads lying around in your office will add a fancy touch for sure! The best part is that it does not break your bank to do that. You can have them prepared in bulk for a very low per piece cost!

Keep Color Tones Light

Unless it’s your kid’s bedroom, an overtly colored space with dark tones and textured wallpapers does not look very classy. To make your office look flossy, choose light color tones for your walls and sleek furniture to compliment it. It provides an overall minimal look to your space which is certainly not overwhelming for something entering your office for the first time. Also, smooth hues give a calming effect to your workplace, instantly resetting the mood. Remember, sometimes a little is more or just enough to make the right impression!

Add Indoor Plants

This trick works for most but not for every corporate office design, adding a pop of color and refreshing visuals to your workspace is ideal. And one of the most cost-effective ways to do it is by using indoor plants. But do not jump into buying whatever catches your eye at a plant nursery. Instead, do your research on the kind of plants that best survive indoors under the climate conditions of your office location. Plus you do not want to be tending to them every day by taking time out of your super busy work schedule. So always go for a low maintenance indoor plant!

Seek out Interior Designers

If you are building your workspace from scratch having an interior designer do it for you will turn out to be quite cost effective. The circulating rumor is that interior designing services will rip you off your money, but that’s not true, they only rip you off your stress of designing a space all by yourself. Several long-standing designing service providers such as Surround Architects have been creating corporate spacing in accordance with the budget and vision of their clients. Their work if effective and long-lasting, saving you a lot of money in the long haul! 

Maintain Cleanliness

Unless you have a great cleaning staff and schedule in place all your efforts to maintain a flossy corporate space will go down the drain. It only takes a vigilant eye to keep that in check. A clean office does not only increase the life of all your furniture and decor but also leaves a great impression on your clients. Remember an old piece of furniture is not as noticeable as a layer of dust on newly purchased furniture! Above all, it does not cost you a lot to keep up with the daily maintenance and hygiene!

Doing just a little every now and then can have a revolutionizing impact on your workspace. Utilize these hacks to make it classier and more aesthetically pleasing to yourself and your potential clients.

Author's Bio: 

Bushra Malik is an anthropologist and sociologist by profession who is passionate about her work as a writer, speaker, and blogger. She writes on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, marketing, culture, fashion, and interior designing.