When planning your next vacation consider your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS because there are still cheap flights to Spain from Britain, Ireland and Europe. With small budget fares between Spain and other European countries, it is a matter of a few tens of Euros or Pounds and a maximum of three hours of travel time. If you book your vacation in the Costa Blanca early you can save even more and treat yourself to a special weekend. Costa Blanca stays are increasingly popular among tourists for holidays with a tight budget throughout the Mediterranean.

There are several reasons that the holidays become so popular, with its low cost flights to Murcia and Alicante the capitals of the region being among them. The second reason is the slowdown that has made the rental market so much cheaper due to the amount of homes on offer for your stay. There are a number of affordable quality housing options so book your vacation now in the Costa Blanca.

In addition to cheap flights and accommodation, do not keep the beautiful culture, warm weather and pristine beaches with crystal clear waters waiting. The beaches you'll encounter on your vacation in Costa Blanca for the most part have received the prestigious European Blue Flag for cleanliness, safety and availability of facilities for the whole family. The beaches are cleaner than anywhere else in Europe and covered with sand of a very bright white colour that gave its name to the Costa Blanca (“White Beach”).

Another important fact to consider during your vacation in Costa Blanca is that the world heritage UNESCO has added the Costa Blanca offering its excellent micro climate that is one of the healthiest in the world, with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and more than 320 sunny days a year. Also it has the healthiest food anywhere, especially with fish and vegetables that are cheap and good quality. Taking all this into account when booking your holiday in Costa Blanca you cannot go wrong. If you have children then even better because there are many things to have fun with: theme parks, water parks and amusement parks and nearly all of the towns and villages have parks and playgrounds where children can play. This will make your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS only much better.

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