“Love is a present that can be given every single day you live” That was the message I found in my fortune cookie while recently dining at a local restaurant. There are many ways that love can be given every day – in supporting our partner, adoring our pets, listening to a good friend – and one of the most important, loving ourselves.

How can you show yourself that same love every day?

Admire Your Body, Inside and Out
If asked to think about our bodies, I venture to guess that many of us would find it fairly easy to list our perceived imperfections – that which we believe is too big, too small, too flabby, too low, too high…. Why do we find it so difficult to admire our own bodies for the amazing creations that they are? Right now, take a look at your beautiful body, searching for everything that you love. Maybe your eyes, your dimples, your hands, legs, arms, fingers, toes, hair, smile, nose, elbows, knees, ears…. Your energy, stamina, flexibility, posture, ability to walk, see and hear. Sure some of these areas you may wish were different, but I bet there are many that are great just the way they are. Could you see that? Feel that? I know you have heard this before, but beauty does come from within. The more you love your body, truly love yourself for all of your wonder, perfections and imperfections, the more you radiate that love outwardly for the world to see and most importantly, feel.

How will you honor and care for your body today, and every day?

Speaking Kindly to Yourself
We can all find the harsh, often hurtful words we use when we talk with ourselves. Some call this our inner critic, some call it our gremlins, whatever the term, we are harder on ourselves with our thoughts and words than anyone else in our lives ever is. Would you use those same words every time you were speaking with another loved one? My guess is no (sometimes in anger, but not usually on a regular basis). Yet, we do it all the time with ourselves. So, begin to pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Are you kind, gentle and loving? If not, how can you be? What words do you want to hear that uplift you? What words are you always wishing your partner would say to you? Well, start saying them to yourself, right now, today.

How do you talk to yourself? What would you like to change about that?

Celebrate Your Gifts
Each of us has gifts and talents that make us who we are. This is our way of being in the world, what we are known for, what we share and what is often effortless. Are you the one who is full of energy, igniting and motivating others just by your presence? Or maybe you are someone who has great empathy for others, listening to them as if they were the only person in the world at that moment? Your gift may be one of expression, with written or spoken words, paint, or movement. Each of us has these gifts, how well do you know yours?

How can you celebrate your gifts?

Daily Ritual
Every morning when you wake and right before you go to bed, stand in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes. Stand there for one minute, complimenting yourself on your beauty (inside and out), your accomplishments for the day, your gifts, the small moments of joy you experienced, and how grateful you are for your body, your mind and your spirit.

How will you be your own Valentine this year?

Author's Bio: 

Stefanie Zizzo is a Career and Life Transition Coach who helps people take their life in a new direction. People who have stretched themselves to the edge of their comfort zone, who are tired of looking out the window, and are ready to step outside and truly experience a life full of possibility. With 14 years combined experience in career counseling and life coaching, she has helped hundreds of people to focus on what they want in their lives and careers, think and grow beyond their current beliefs and fears, and take purposeful action to make things happen. She offers individual coaching, seminars and a workbook called The Journey From Comfort to Possibility: A Workbook of Self Discovery and Personal Transformation. For more information, visit www.stefaniezizzo.com.