Perhaps the greatest awareness we can focus upon in our life is the wisdom of unconditional love. It is a simple choice each of us can make that leads to profound change and births a new reality within our present moment, the only moment we ever truly have. It is also a personal choice that affects our collective world in amazing ways by restoring the natural balance inherent in all things. Yet, what does it mean to love unconditionally?

For many years I have marveled how people respond when I mention these two words together - surprisingly, often heard or considered for the very first time. There is a vibration and acknowledgement that reverberates through the person's being in that particular moment that the single word "love" never achieves. Uttering and contemplating these combined words invokes meaning that is felt at our deepest level. It is a universal understanding of our core essence that knows beyond knowing and fills us instantly with understanding, compassion, joy and harmony. It is the "unconditional" aspect of the phrase that leads us into new territory that we rarely, if ever, consciously travel in our daily life.

Ironically, loving unconditionally is nothing more than a shift in our perspective since it is already within us. We bring it to the forefront when we decide to release the layers of guilt, shame, judgement, hatred, anger, worry, fear, doubt and other similar limiting beliefs we have allowed to fill our daily thoughts, feelings and routines. These limiting perspectives have no power other than what we give them through our attention. If we believe them to be true, they take on that energy to validate our creative expression. What happens if we choose to forgive and release them and place our attention on unconditional love instead?

Letting go of our attachment to conditioned responses frees us from our past and allows us to dwell in the realm of unconditional love where all things are possible. When we come to love ourselves without limit or condition, we easily view the world from this compassionate foundation and joyfully share our love to others without condition. This gives freedom to everyone and everything around us as we cease placing our limitations on them too. Think of the layers of limitation we have accepted over our lifetime alone and in turn, how many people we have affected. We can end this cycle by choosing a new way through self acceptance and unconditional love.

Heart to heart a new world is emerging as we once again recognize our potential to love unconditionally. Oh, there are still plenty of examples that appear less than loving, yet they are only our past limiting thoughts and feelings revealing themselves from a former time when we believed in a conditional life. Now we can love them as aspects of ourselves that reflect who we once were when we believed in limitation in a similar way.

Never before have so many responded to their own inner urge to shift their awareness from a fear-based reality to one of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the most profound time ever known upon this planet - the moment where we return to unconditional love and become that which we always were, divine beings of exquisite creative potential.

What will you choose? Can you love yourself so deeply and so freely that you see yourself in the eyes of another? Will you remember in each moment of your day that humanity is filled with individuals wanting to know what and where unconditional love really resides just like you once did? Show them through your strength and courage and release a wave of love that envelops each in a loving embrace from the heart.

Thank you for being the beautiful you that you are!

Author's Bio: 

Harold W. Becker is Founder and President of the internationally recognized nonprofit, The Love Foundation, is the author of various books including, Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being and Internal Power, Seven Doorways to Self Discovery along with hosting his own PBS special on unconditional love. Contact him at