"Everyone stumbles over the truth from time to time, but most people pick themselves up and hurry off as though nothing ever happened."
- Sir Winston Churchill

One of the fundamental essentials for progressing along the path of life is learning to love truth above all else. The truth is not something which is the opposite of untruth. There is no such thing as a partial truth. If it’s 99.9% true, then it’s not the truth, because the truth is simply as it is. The ultimate repository of truth is the mind of the Creative Source. Within the mind of the Creative Source there is an absolute knowing of how things are, and an absolute understanding of the truth, being fully aware of everything which has ever occurred and also the reason that things occur. Progressing along the path is about agreeing with what is already existent, within the mind of the Creative Source.

The Creative Source within you loves the truth. The only aspect of you that will avoid and deny the truth at all costs, is your ego. The ego has a bunch of programs which are the cause of all your disagreements with the Creative Source within, and are the cause of all impacts and conflicts. These impacts that you constantly experience are really belief structures, colliding with each other. You have programmed your ego to attack anything which presents that truth to you, anything that attempts to reflect to you, your individual sovereignty as an aspect of Creative Source. If you choose to flow and experience oneness, unity and is-ness, the ego must be dispelled and integrated.

To love the truth you need to surrender to the process and give up on spiritual pride and judgment. The more you think you’ve got it and know it, the more you are not partaking of the truth which already exists. The truth simply is.

Inside what scares you lies what frees you. - Source unknown

St Ignatious said that awareness was tasting and feeling the truth. A state of pure awareness is being able to perceive the truth within and without in all moments. That doesn’t mean your version of the truth. It means being present in the moment and simply experiencing without judgment. Only when we fully desire and open to Truth can Consciousness and Awareness really unfold and develop.

One of the qualities of the mental plane is illusion. Illusion is about choosing to believe your own lies and is a function of egoic activity. You can convince yourself of anything, and you do this by hypnotising yourself. If you tell yourself something often enough you’ll eventually mesmerize yourself into believing it. For example “This person really isn’t that bad that I’m in a relationship with. It’s really OK. It’s probably my fault”. Another example is the gambler who will only ever tell themselves and everyone else what they have won, not the net results of the wins minus the losses. You dispel illusion by learning to love the truth above all else.

You won’t see and experience the truth unless you love and prize the truth above all else. What you will experience is a certain amount of comfortable truth. If you really want to experience integrated mastery, you must free yourself mentally of illusion. If you find yourself saying “I love the truth as long as it’s something which is palatable and comfortable to me and doesn’t present me with the need to change”, you aren’t loving the truth. Embracing the old over and over again is a sure sign that you don’t embrace the truth.

When you have a revelation of truth from your heart space and you really feel your heart singing, and think, “Wow ah-ha, I get it”, and remember that feeling long after that mood has left you, you will go far on the spiritual path. Once you have that revelation of truth, the spiritual awakening which occurs here with the heart singing, then all of your faulty beliefs and your resistance comes up to be cleared, in light of your new choices. You can guide yourself through the maze towards the embodiment of that higher truth that you’ve realised by pushing through that resistance.

Glamour is created when there is an emotional investment tacked onto the illusion. You hypnotise yourself so you can believe in something which is not true so that you can feel comfortable. Then adding emotional charge behind it.

Maya is that activity of illusion with its emotional component turning into glamour then impressing itself in the ethers. And that is the mist and the emotional mess of emotional charge that most live in.

People think, “Wow, I’ve had this revelation. Wow, I’ve had this realisation”, like something has been created. The truth is not created, the truth just is. What you create though is illusion which keeps the truth from you. You can create an opportunity for yourself to see, be and experience and knowing the truth simply is as it is. Do you choose that? Answer that within the heart. Most people to some measure will be reluctant to experience the truth because they scared of what it might mean. It means that you will live free from illusion. It means that you will be able to fully embody your mastery and your potential to the highest possible level.

"Most people tip-toe through life hoping they make it safely to death."
— Earl Nightingale Philosopher and Great Thinker

You must be careful that you don’t get involved with the old dressed up as the new. Sometimes the old presents and it’s very obvious, often it’s not. One way you can recognise the old is that feeling of familiarity, that feeling of being comfortable and cruisy. The new is not like that. The new is your line of most resistance, and the heart will always take this line because it enhances and increases your capacity to love. If you take the line of least resistance, you’re taking the line of being the same. There’s no expansion there, there’s no enhancement, there’s no increase of your capacity to love. It’s about being able to love the unlovable. This is easily seen in the person who has a string of relationships, and the complaints with each relationship end up being the same.

What’s the obsession about going down the same road again and again to see if it’s changed? All that happens is that you get to experience the same again. It wasn’t a successful path on any on the occasions so why keep lapping around the same track? Choose the new instead. You have a choice as to how much condition and limit you experience. So don’t whinge about how conditioned or limited you are, or how much you’re lacking or about how much you’re wanting because the more you whinge about how much you’re wanting the more Creative Source will say “OK I’ll leave you wanting”. You’ve got to shift your focus and go down a new road. It’s a bit like playing snakes and ladders where if you land on the square with a ladder on it you get to go up to the next level. If you land on the square with the snake on it, you slide down the snake and you go down a level or more. You then of course have to go back over the same ground, that you’ve just covered to get back to the same level where you before.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.
– source unkown

Your role as a light worker is to move beyond the resistance, embracing the higher truth and to live with the ferocity and passion, to really embody, love, feeling and knowing that truth, as you walk the talk of that on every level. In doing so, what you are actually saying is that you choose the Golden Age, the new paradigm, a new way for this planet where men and women will walk hand in hand as equals. That is the birthright of creation which is to realise the Creative Source if you choose.

If you want to fully actualise your ability to love and heal around the broadest possible sphere, you have to give up fear and limitation. So as much as you are resistant to embracing, embodying and being the truth, is as much as you are attached to maintaining your current state of condition and limit and your fear. Self-sabotage is an obsession with condition and limit. It is something that you choose. You are the only one able to free you from this.

Quite honestly ask yourself in this moment, how much do you really love the truth? How much are you prepared to face the truth? Are you prepared to say, “I face the truth and accept the truth no matter what it is”. Do you love the truth enough to allow yourself to choose to not continue to energise those illusions?

By asking these questions, you will be faced with situations where in the past you have always done something the same way, and you will feel an opportunity to do it differently and stay in your integrity. Integrity is about an integrated body, mind and spirit all working together in harmony in service to all that is. Feel that integration occurring. Feel and know, allow the truth to simply be.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Confucius

Author's Bio: 

Jenny Parker is a woman of the world. She has had many adventures in her quest to find the beauty of self, including riding across the Nullarbor on a bike (the stark, treeless plain between Perth and Adelaide in south western Australia) and sailing half-way around the world on a yacht. She has had many careers, including a design business in London, England. For the past 11 years Jenny has been officially working as a healer, writer, Ascension Mentor, teacher and inspirational speaker. Jenny has developed her own unique way of working which melds mind/body/soul mechanics. She’s passionate about all aspects of the ascension path, especially uncovering psychological clarity in the self so to return to the authenticity of self, and helping others to do the same. Jenny’s vision is the transformation of humanity to compassion and joy, and the restoration of planetary health. She shares that, “My mission is to fully embody heart mastery and wisdom on all levels of my being, and to inspire others to do the same.” In her own playful way, she creates laughter and a brighter outlook wherever she goes. Jenny currently lives in Perth, Australia.Jenny is a regular writer for the Twenty Two Magazine and the New Age Tribune, and a senior mentor and course writer for the Cosmosis™ Academy.For more info go to www.heartforce.com.au or email jenny@heartforce.com.au