Everyone has blessings in their life, however, there is a good number of people who couldn’t tell you what they are if their life depended on it. These are the people who complain to a great extent, expect way too much from others, and rely heavily on success to come from nowhere. Being grateful can have an enormous effect on your life, if you start counting your blessings.

1. Being grateful improves your disposition. It makes you happier and therefore, more approachable and likeable.

2. Counting your blessings helps you build stronger relationships. When you focus on what is great about the other person you begin to see that trait or quality hence, making you more open to the positive aspects of your relationship.

3. Counting your blessings makes your more productive. Have you ever noticed people who know how good they have it behave? They whistle, they dance. They are charged up to conquer the next task at hand making them remarkably industrious.

4. Being grateful can build resiliency. You are better equipped to handle the disappointments life will hand you. You have a wider range of responses when times get tough.

5. Finally, counting your blessings brings peace and contentment into your life. You no longer feel the anxiety or tension of worrying about what you are missing. This is probably the best reason of all.

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