For some adopted children, there’s a feeling of not knowing who you are or where you come from and it is hard to tell a doctor “I don’t know, I am adopted.” This is true for me. I was adopted at birth I was told I was adopted as soon as I could comprehend. I LOVE my parents and my family and couldn’t have asked for anything more. My biological mum gave me a chance at life and because of her; I was able to live this amazing life. BUT, that didn’t mean you felt something missing. My life started 9 months before I was born.

My mother had 2 boys but nearly died with the last one and she always wanted 4 kids so her and my dad decided to adopt 2 girls. In 1972 they adopted me and in 1974 they adopted another girl. We all lived happy in a 2 story 4 bedroom home. Growing up we had a loving family we were all treated the same and were raise with respect and discipline. My father worked and my mother baby sat and was a tailor she did this for extra money. They were a very musical family and dad ran a country music club he has a brilliant voice and I love listening to his singing he even had his own record back in 1978. All us kids played an instrument and was tort by music teaches who use to come into our home. My elder brother played the steel guitar my other brother played the drums, I played the organ and later played the piano and my younger sister started on the organ and went to the drums. We would have jam sessions on weekends with the country music club and once a month we all went to a hall where paying people would come and listen to a concert that was performed by many. We use to go into competition and a few times I won best instrumentalist and best dressed. Later on in the years I also sang and was crowned country music princess in 1984. I would wonder if my birth mum had musicians on her side of the family or was she a musician.

In the early school days it was a normal child hood up bringing, mum was always home when we got home from school we did our home work played outside and came in when it was dinner time. People use to say how I looked like my mum and we use to privately giggle about this my sister was so different though and people use to say was she adopted as she didn’t look like anyone. Now as an adult that was sad, but we coped as best as we could. Our brothers would tease us growing up and rub in that we were adopted and say that we were only worth $5 stamp duty but when mum found out they got punished and like I said she treated us all equal. She has always said to us when we were mature enough and ready she would support us 100% and help us find our real mum & Dad but this never crossed my mind until my early high school years when I started to rebel around 14 years old. I put it down to be a typical teenager, I use to tell my mum I hated her, I use to tell her she wasn’t my real mum, She couldn’t tell me what to do, I smoked, I lied, I stole, I drank I was lost at 14 feeling that I was never wanted and always wondered did I look like my real mum, Why did she give me up. I hated the world at 14.

I never ever wondered about my real dad and I think is because I was always daddy’s little girl. I have blocked a lot of my memory out when I was 14 & 15 years of age. My parents were always there for me never gave up grounded me when needed not that I like it but I always new where my home was. I was very popular at school, I always stood up for myself, I always spoke my mind and if I needed to I would fight. To this day I have never lost a fight. I went through school as a average graded student I did the performing arts subjects, Dance, Theatre, Music, Art, and of course English and Maths. I completed and passed year 12. I would wonder if my birth mother took the same subjects.

A look at adoption in the real world, and how it can affect people and the discoveries they can make about themselves. A beautiful article submitted by a friend of the site.

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After spending years suffering from mental and physical abuse growing up, followed by years of depression and soul destroying self-doubt I took stock of my life and left a 12 hour a day, well-paying job and a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom mansion to travel the world, study Buddhist teachings and do volunteer work in Australia and Africa. I also studied counseling, life coaching and familiarized myself with many self help products.