This is a different approach from some popular philosophers of the moment, but stick with the thinking here, and perhaps you’ll join the ego-lovers, too.

Without an ability to understand yourself as an individual consciousness, you cut yourself off from the fun of this time-space reality you call home.

At the deepest levels – we are all one, unified being, but what is the fun of that??? We came forth into this life to have fun – as much fun as possible.

Without ego, this written article could not exist. It took a writer’s ego to conceptualize and write this article. Without ego, the notions in this article would just float lovingly in the Knowledge of All That Is.

Without ego, there is no growth or expansion, just floating and Beingness.

Capital-B “Being” is certainly important, and something we can no more help from occurring than we can stop the coming of the tides.

The friction our egos create (illusion or not) is the very force through which we are able to enjoy this glorious life we live.

It is certainly important to recognize what our egos are and what their limitations are, but our egos are our friends. They are not our enemies. Just as with any friend, we have to find a happy balance between what we think and do and feel and what our egos would suggest.

The value of all this talk of ego as the enemy is to bring to our attention just what our egos are and to raise our level of awareness of All aspects of our Being and our interconnectedness. With this knowledge, we can keep our egos well-informed and in perspective.

Some people have, I believe, misunderstood some of the ancient Indian beliefs about our egos, saying that the illusion our egos create is some form of madness. On the contrary, my understanding of this way of thinking is that our ego is something we take on eagerly and with great joy to be able to participate as individuals in this time-space-focus of our lives.

Love your ego! Celebrate this life!

There are no enemies except the ones we create in our minds.

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Katherine C. H. E. is a Flower Energy Consultant and Flower Meditation Coach. She helps empower her clients to take charge of their own well-being to empower themselves – with flowers – to live the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. She has free meditation audio and other goodies on her website,

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