Whenever I am in the audience of someone who channels an ascended master, I am always humbled at the idea that we are loved so much on the other side of the veil by those of the Light who sincerely want us to hear important messages for our wellbeing.

In that vein, I sought to raise my own vibration in order to be a channel for such vital communication. And years later, I am humbled beyond expression now that the ascended masters and even the Arch Angels appear to me to either write their words or give voice to their spiritual communications.

Last month when Jeshua came to me just before Easter, an overwhelming love permeated my entire being. What an amazing blessing! His message was clear -- there needs must be a shift from away from any idea or holding on to suffering, and a return to Eden, our birthright.

Last night, I once again grabbed my paintbrush on the eve of the new moon, as I have accepted to do for Spirit, and channeled the Love Light New Moon portal. And, as AA Michael, Jeshua, Mary Magdelene and Mother Mary spoke their poignant message of the importance of Love guiding our lives, I felt the enormous rapture, once again, of their immense love for all of us.

Much shifting is happening on the earthplane, and many more changes are on the horizon. No matter what circumstances present themselves that may turn our world upside down, we are loved and supported beyond measure. And that, dear friends, is the most beautiful and transformational Light we can embrace.

Once again I extend an invitation to view the latest energetic portal. The Love Light image is sent to us from those who willingly hold the energies for our awakening. This sacred space is for all who feel the connection in their heart and the desire in their soul.

Testimonies from others who have imaged the portals in their meditations are posted underneath the previous images. You are welcome to sign the Guestbook, leave a comment about your own experience with these energetics, and graciously invited to become a member of the site, as well.


In Love Eternal,
Linda Carter Backes

Author's Bio: 

I am a Reiki master and spiritual consult who provides Light Body Activations, energy work, and guided meditaitions. I also enjoy giving readings, and to my knowledge the only intuitive using the Mystical Fochaadams, which are an amazing tool for seeing a timeline of energetics.

My website has a complete listing of all services, and an interesting array of writings from some of the members on the blog page. The energetic portals of 2010 contain the latest new moon image for April, the topic of my current writing.

Next week I am traveling to California to publish the first draft of my book about spiritually gifted children. I hope that my first book will be launched in late summer.