We talk of love but we have never thought that love comes with consequences which are life lessons. If you cannot accept the consequences then you are actually not ready to be in love. For example if you meet a man, you need to know that he has his own weaknesses and you can't ignore them at all. And if you decide to love him, also learn to love his weaknesses that come with him. You can say I like him but I don't like what he does. For God's sake. That is bonuses of love that you have been given. To learn to accept and live with the consequences.

It is good to do a research of someone you want to love and know his or bad side before you start loving that person because definitely he or she will come along with those baggage and I know once you have fallen in love you will start crying to the world for help.

Many of us are in love or are intending to love someone at some point in their lives. Love is an experience you can't avoid despite many pretending that they have given up love. Every desire to love or to be loved is a growth experience and every growth experience is a package deal. Along with love you get a pack of free bonuses. Those bonuses are called life lessons.

To be infatuated to someone is situation where you desire to love someone but you don't accept the consequences of love. This is like deciding to pick up one end of a stick while denying or ignoring the existence of the other end of the stick. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the other end of the stick is coming along for the ride. If you resist the true nature of the stick as a whole, you cannot pick up the front end of it. If you resist the consequences of love, you just block from loving that person.

For example if you want money, you get bonus lessons in generosity; money management and so on. And with love come communication, negotiation and compassion. Actually you can't avoid that. Quite often people claim to know what they want when it comes to love, but the truth is that they're stuck in fantasy land.

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