Love is the energy that created all material things. As you strive to feel more Love every day, it’s important to recognize how your stuff affects your energy.

While you’re in your human form, your spiritual self is connected to your physical self. That’s why taking care of your stuff is one major part of taking care of your soul.

Love Your Stuff, Love Yourself

As I’ve said before, Love is Simple. If you’re surrounded by too many things that don’t serve you, your spirit feels heavy and drained of vital creative energy.

Thankfully, the opposite is also true.

If you aren’t already there, imagine being in a clean and well-organized room, free of clutter and unnecessary items.

This kind of environment helps us feel light and more carefree.

One of the four Lessons From Rita is “Simple is Beautiful”.

Hanging on to stuff that you don’t Love and/or use just drags you down. If you don’t Love it, move it along.

Two Worlds, One Life

There’s an important concept to remember as you work to create your ideal lifestyle.

First, you must imagine your perfect life in the world inside your head. This idea is explained in great detail in the class work by Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key.

In order to design your life according to your mindful intentions, you must first master your inner world and life.

Second, you must take action to make your outer world match your vision that you created within yourself.

You feel best when your environment reflects a positive image of your “invironment”. This is what I call your inner world in my book, Set the Stage for Success.

Take charge, Feel better

There is a process you can take to improve your environment. By taking steps to de-clutter, organize and clean your living space, you are taking what I call the “outside-in approach”.

If dealing with all the thoughts in your head is too much, do what you can to simplify the space you’re in. It may actually calm your racing mind so that you can think more clearly.

Today, commit to making at least one improvement in your “stuff situation”.

Even if it’s as simple as making your bed or catching up on dishes, do it.

Maybe you’re ready for a bigger task like cleaning out the file cabinet. Do it.

If you’ve got an overwhelming scene on your hands, make it more manageable. Consolidate all the clutter into a container. Then you can spend five minutes a day deciding what to do with those things until everything has a home.

If you decide to part with those clothes you haven’t worn all year, make a trip to your local donation center. You can feel good about giving someone else a new treasure and getting rid of something that you don’t need anymore.

Make a plan to transform your material world. You don’t need more money to make yourself feel rich. Just take good care of what you already have.

This will attract more of what you want into your life.

This kind of activity is a concrete way to Love your stuff and Love yourself. Take action right away and enjoy the benefits of the “outside-in approach”.

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