“People warn me, when you’re on top, there’s envy.” – Hate Me Now (Nas/P.Diddy)

It’s an unfortunate truth we all have to face at some point in our lives. At times people will not be on your side, they may slander you behind your back, smile in your faces as a friend and have a dart board with your picture on it. Never fear, think of your haters as fuel to keep you shining and rising above the negativity. Keep focused on your gifts, your calling. Keep spreading goodness, because you never know, with your resilience…their hate and envy can transform into admiration.

And guess what? They will want some of that positivity you exude… and just like that, you've helped save the world by transforming one toxic weed to join the universal garden of sunflowers. It might not happen over night, but it happens. Send them love and light, because truth is, they wouldn't hate on you if they weren't hurting deep down inside. Anyone that loves themselves wouldn't do anything but be happy for your success.

“Don’t transform into a lowly weed like your enemies – rise above them like a shining, bright sunflower that you are!” Coach Simone Kelly

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