Sometimes we can be so right yet so wrong. This philosophy applies in the work place. In parts of Asia, there is the belief that the Boss is always right or more accurately, The Boss always thinks he is right!

Law students are taught that they have to respect the office of judge even if they think the judge is an ass. It will serve you well if you respect the office of boss, even if you think he is an ass. Life is not fair. Yes the boss should respect you, but often he or she does not, but if you don't respect the boss, all you will get is conflict and sometimes the boot. Therefore always try where possible to flow with your bosses' thinking.

People often believe that giving to charity means giving to some external body. That may be true but the greatest charity is forgiving and being kind to those around us, including the boss. We often think the boss has a better life than us: more money, more perks, more power. But always remember he usually has more responsibility and has to worry more. He may have work responsibilities that we don't know about or we cannot even imagine. So before you sound off to the boss, consider how you can help him/her.

B: Bosses are humans, they have feelings. Bite the bullet and think about where he is coming from when he barks his orders.
L: Learn to keep your cool even in the most trying of circumstances.
E: Express yourself calmly and wisely when speaking to bosses and superiors. Eliminate the emotion and keep to the facts.
S: Smooth relations are infinitely superior to petty squabbles and scoring points.
S: Sincere suck ups are the way to go if you want better relations with the boss.

Y: You should always remember the bigger picture: your career, your success, your peace of mind. Your relationship with the boss is important, make it the best you humanely can.
O: Often, the boss is an ass, often the person in authority is an ass. But they hold an office and someone thought they were up to it. You may know the truth, but the truth is not always accepted by your bosses and his bosses. So do yourself a favour and respect the office even if you can't respect the officer.
U: Use your time to focus on how to do a better job; that is a better use of time than bad mouthing the boss or useless banter and argy-bargies with the boss. Do the job and forget petty grievances about the boss. Unruly ways by the boss may be the bane of your life, but don't make them the death knell of your peace of mind and your career.

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