It is so easy to fall into the trap of looking for affirmation about who you are from other people. It is even worse now with social media. You look for engagement as a measure of how well loved you are but really, it is no measure at all.

Tell me, how many pieces of content do you read a day where you do not acknowledge at all that you were there, EVEN if you enjoyed it?

Lots, right?

And yet, you can fall into the trap of thinking that if your content does not have enough likes, shares or comments then it must mean something about you, something about your message and you start trying to filter you and it to suit the maximum number of people.

Or worse, you just do not do any content creation.

This is where a strong love of self is so critical.


Or else you quit because you think no one loved you.

You make decisions based on what will give you the accolades…

You kill off the ‘unacceptable’ parts of you trying to curry favour with everyone, instead of standing firm on what you believe to be true in this moment…

And worse than all of that, you start to dislike yourself more and more as you hide yourself more and more.

The question to ask, is why do you need these nameless, faceless people to love you?

Logically, you know that there are 7 billion people on the planet and so though lots may not like what you are about, there will be some who need to hear the message you carry and all you need to do is to find those people by showing up boldly and deliberately cutting yourself off from those who would try to downplay you.

However, it is tough to do that, right?

Especially at the start of your business.

Or when yuo are trying to make that transition from a career to a business…

And unfrotunately, the ones who do not like what you are up to are always a little bit more vocal than those who do.

And so you may make decisions based on their very loud views.

I understand. I always have to catch myself when I feel myself becoming too dependent on the external accolades or lack of them. When it feels like my happiness is getting too dependent on whether someone acknowledged AND liked my work or not.

I have to remember to always go back within to where true love exists.

I whip out my journal and remind myself who I am, remind myself of my why…

I love myself in this moment.

I love the weakness I see in me at times…

I love the places where I have not been loved…

i sit in Papa’s lap for a while…

And then show up again in the marketplace.

Boldly saying what needs to be said.

Inviting people who align with my message to listen in.

And supporting them wherever I can.

So tell me, how do you get back to feeling strong in your convictions?

How do you love who you are, so that you can show up powerfully as you in the marketplace without feeling the need to be a lesser version of you?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Because you want to.

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