While some people say money makes the world go round, other people say that it is love that makes the world go round. Each outlook deserves to be heard and the outlook that one has is likely to depend on what they’re like as a person.

If one was an idealist they might say it is love and yet if they are a realist, they might say it is money. But if one was to step back from both of these options, it is clear to see that the world goes round no matter what people believe.

What their outlook will also reveal is what it is that drives them, or at least what they think is it that drives them. Some people might say it is money that drives them and other people might say it is love. There are also going to be people who say that both of these things push them forward.

The Difference

However, although money always represents the same thing, the same can’t be said about love. With money there can be different currencies and the value of the currencies can change, but what it represents doesn’t change.

Love on the other hand is not always the same, even though the same word is used. It can all depend on what ones relationship is with the person in question. And not only that, but one can say they love an animal or an object that they own.

The Meaning

So just like someone who has plenty of money and ends up throwing it around, one can throw the word ‘love’ around too. It then doesn’t matter if they are talking about a human being or an inanimate object or an animal.

Therefore, the word is the same, but it is not always going to mean the same thing. In fact, it could be nothing more than a saying that one has and there is then no much to it. At other times when one uses the word, it is going to be a lot more significant and this is because the word will have a different meaning.

Behind The Word

If one was asked to describe what they mean when they say they love someone, they might say it depends on who the person is. For instance, if one is married and they say they love their husband/wife, it is not going to be the same as the love they experience for a friend or a family member.

Just as the love they have for a car is going to be different to the love they have for their pet dog or cat. However, although there will be differences there are also likely to be similarities. When it comes to describing what love is, it is often said that it is a feeling that one experiences.


And as one feels a certain way, it then causes them to behave in a certain way. This is how the love that one feels becomes visible to other people. Without the behaviour to back it up, it is not possible for other people to be aware of the love that one feels for them or for another person.

But unless one felt the love on the inside, it wouldn’t be possible for them to show it on the outside. So this means that it has to start somewhere and one area that is associated with love is the human heart.

The Human Heart

For some people, the heart is nothing more than something that keeps them alive; with its function being purely biological and there is nothing more to it. There are then going to be other people who see it as something more and based on their expedience, it has an intelligence of its own.

One might then see that there is not only the brain in their head that has something to say, the heart is also there with its intelligence/wisdom and then there is the body that also has another way of expressing itself. This has also been described as the triune brain.

Pure And Simple

So if one was to move their point of awareness to their heart, they might soon realise that it is a place of warmth and peace. It is free from judgement and criticism; it is understanding and accepting. There are no conditions that one has to fulfil and this is something that will never change.

It is going to be normal for some people to connect to the heart in this way, but there are going to be some people who are unable to do this. And this could be due to the emotional pain that they’re carrying.

Far From Simple And Pure

There is the heart and what is has to express, and at the same time, it is not possible for one to always express their heart to the world. What this means is that human beings have a heart that is unconditional with its love, but in order to survive and to thrive, they have to create conditions.

This is done to protect their mental, emotional and physical well-being. For there are going to be times when the best thing one can do is to walk away from someone and to withdraw their love. Not only will this be in ones best interests, it will also be the best thing one can do for another person.

Another Factor

One thing that can stop love in its tracks is when there is control. The body is then taking over and ones heart is not being given the chance to express itself. This could also be a sign that one is carrying emotional pain or trauma in their body.


So one outlook is that loves comes from the heart and this love can then change when it is combined with ones bodily needs or their intellect. The human heart is unconditional with its love, but it is not possible for human beings to express their love without conditions being in place.

If one has trouble connecting to their heart and expressing their love to themselves and to others, it could be a sign that they need to engage in some kind of emotional work. This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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