“Anyone can love a rose but it takes a great deal to love a leaf... it is ordinary to love the beautiful, but it is beautiful to love the ordinary...” it’s right what they say about clichés, they tell the truth. Before we decide to get involved into something- may it be in business, in friendship or in a romantic relationship, we always ask the million-dollar-question:Is this for real? In this case, we are going to discuss about romantic relationships, which is much harder to fathom than any other relationships.

“Romantic relationship” applies to any form-not just between man & women but to anyone who feels something special and unique for someone. So how do you know its true, exquisite, never- ending love? You don’t- that’s fact of it. Knowing the truth about it is a road less traveled. A hard path to take, there is no easy fix in discovering the truth.

The only test of true love is time. In order to achieve success in romantic relationships, assessing yourself is a must. The first and vital step in knowing yourself is discerning your strengths and weaknesses. If that is established, know your limitations, this is essential in perceiving where you stand in every situation you will encounter.

This doesn’t mean that you should conquer all your insecurities and be this perfect confident person. Rather, acknowledging and accepting that you have flaws and insecurities and you are a work in progress. In other words, admitting that you are perfectly flawed and loving it. Being in a relationship involves you and the person you value and it will never work if you are a stranger to yourself and eventually to your partner.

Once you have attained that goal in yourself, being in a relationship will not be as relatively arduous. Ask yourself. What attracted you to your partner- Is it his teasing smile, his tanned skin? His attractive hair? His smooth talking? If you answered yes, then it’s just mere fascination and attraction.

There’s nothing wrong with that but as long as you accept his or her imperfections altogether then you are on the right track-true love is never skin deep. Choosing to see the dark side of your partner and asking yourself if you can take it. If you can, then you are not blinded by “love” at all.

True love is not blind-It sees but it accepts. In fact, noble at it is, it can open your eyes. Why do you care for your partner? If the answer to this question is something tangible or something that fades in time then its not loving- because if that answer fades in time so is the the feeling.

Reason for loving someone, should be intangible. Unconditional. Loving lasts forever- it is more powerful than death. The love that you have should for each other should make you a better version of yourselves. That is the true essence of loving. It may break at times but eventually it heals and restores- the heart, the person and the soul.

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