Love or Fear

Think of love and fear as day and night. Now imagine the sun representing love and the night representing fear. It's a simple analogy, and one, that if you allow yourself to be open to its deepest truth, could induce a major shift in your consciousness.

If Love is like the sun, then it is ever present, and always on. Always available to every single person, regardless of who they are, what they believe, what they do, or how much they have.

If fear is like the darkness of night, then it too is available to every person regardless of who they are, what they believe, what they do, or how much they have.

Just as every human being experiences day and night, so too every being will experience love and fear. And look how perfect this analogy is, for when we experience real love, it feels "light" and when we experience fear, we feel a bit "dark" inside. And just as we believe that day and night really do exist; we also believe that love and fear really do exist.

Why do we believe night exists? We believe this story, only because we don't see the light of the sun during the night hours. And so, humans have collectively agreed that darkness is a real thing. And collectively, we've agreed that because we can't see in the darkness, which causes us to feel vulnerable, somehow it must be bad or, at the very least, not as good as light. So to not remain in darkness, humans invented artificial sunlight and call it electricity.

We all know, and there is proof to back this up, that there is an actual source of sunlight - the sun. And there is a source of electricity - the power plant. However, have you ever been curious as to the source of darkness? As I expand my awareness beyond what I know, I still can't find a source of darkness. If there is, could someone please show me the "dark-switch"? For me, the only logical explanation for the existence of darkness is that it is simply the absence of light.

What if, as with darkness, there really is no such thing as fear? What if there is only love, and when we experience fear, we are simply experiencing the absence of love? Think about it. Doesn't this make logical sense, especially if we follow the day and night analogy?

So if love is like the sun, ever present, then why do we not always feel love? The answer is simple. Because we believe that fear is real. And more specifically, we don't search for the real question - Is fear real? - because, like with electricity, we have created an artificial form of love called "conditional" love. And we've learned, through, eons of years practicing this story, that as long as we have conditional love as a substitute for the real and unconditional love, we think we have our fears under control.

And just as I had to re-program my mind, into believing that darkness is not real, I've come to believe that fear too is not real. I want to be clear here that I am not speaking of the fear of bodily harm, for that is a real fear that serves as an indicator that our life is in danger. After all, we've been created to live, and we know this to be true, because every living creature has a fight or flight instinct hardwired within our internal operating system.

Ok, so if fear is not really real, why do we believe that it is so? And the only logical explanation is that we have forgotten that love is always available to us - unconditional love, that is. When we remember this truth, and we are grounded in it, what could we possibly fear? To see this truth, all I had to do was look back on my fears. I used to be afraid of the monster-under-the-bed. I was afraid my heart would be broken. I was afraid of getting fired from my first job. I was afraid of getting a divorce. I feared not having enough money. I was afraid of the future. I feared never getting past the grief brought on by my mother's death. And, early on my spiritual journey, I even feared I wouldn't be fortunate enough to awaken in this lifetime, because I feared enlightenment was only for the gurus and the mystics.

Today I can see that not one of those fears, or many others I've entertained, ever came to be. And the reason is that I made a decision to trust the gurus and the mystics who pointed me to the truth, that love is what is ever present. And I decided to practice experiencing the darkness, brought on by fearful thoughts, as a passing phenomenon that would burn away if I allowed the light of unconditional love to arise within me.

Although this is a simple concept, it wasn't easy arriving at this Truth. You see, like anything worth having, I had to want to experience unconditional love, more than I wanted to be right about my fears being real. And through practicing the power of awareness, I came to know that when I am grounded in Truth, my fear-based thoughts are but a temporary absence of the power of Love!

Author's Bio: 

A modern day mystic, Laina Orlando, takes a fresh and fun approach to redefining spirituality for today’s seekers of Truth. Laina’s own spiritual awakening propelled her to trade a successful career for the privilege of inspiring others to remember the Truth of who they are: Magnificent! Every one of us is a vessel through which The Source of All That Is (God/Spirit/Universe/Energy) expresses itself on Earth. Awakening our magnificence is remembering this truth.

As an author, workshop facilitator, speaker and coach, Laina is a tireless crusader, committed to helping others trade in their self-limiting idea of who they are for thoughts that empower them to create a joy-filled life. Laina’s simple techniques and practical tools help transform weighty spiritual concepts into bite-size morsels that have changed the lives of hundreds of people. Laina is committed to making spirituality practical and applicable into everyday life. Her mantra is: Life is fun & easy!