At dinner tonight, something came up about my dear friend Rita, who inspired the book, Lessons From Rita.

She’s in heaven now, or wherever it is that we proceed to upon leaving this earthly realm. I am very thankful that she got to read the manuscript before passing on.

Back at the dinner table, I said, “I miss her.”

My three and a half year old, Violet Rita, said without pause, “I don’t because I see her in my mind.”

Rita is smiling, I’m sure.

Me, I’m crying as I type this.

Why? Because it seems that something happens as we grow up that makes it harder to feel so connected to the Source, the Energy that unites us all. Even though I can see Rita in my mind, I guess I had become emotionally attached to her physical presence.

Violet demonstrates non-attachment masterfully. And she gives me a superb example of Love, pure and simple. (Does unadulterated mean not messed up by adults?)

I’m here to share this message. It’s one of the Lessons Rita taught me.

Love is the Way.

And one reason I share it is to keep reminding myself.

How simple it all really is, perhaps. If we can see through the eyes of a child, we can take in the mystery of it all.

Because we are a part of this magnificent Oneness, there is nothing that we need to miss. We can open our hearts and our minds to the full splendor of Life and Love.

We can live each day in the here and now, aware of our place on the eternal spectrum. Full of peace in the truth of our energetic, loving nature, we can proceed unhindered by petty grievances.

The other day, I had a strange question cross my mind. “How will you feel when you are dead?” I thought to myself.

It lightened my tense mood immediately! How could anything possibly be worth fretting over when my living days ought to be filled with joy and adventure?

Trust your Spirit. It came from the Great Before. It knows of the Great Beyond.

Listen to your gut. As is my understanding, your solar plexus is somehow miraculously connected to the Universe itself.

Do what feels right.

You are writing the marvelous story of your life.

And when it is all said and done, remember, your Love lives on.

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