Love is a journey!

You need company to embark on it.

It is a thought not centered on self,

A light shining at both ends,

Fondness is success shared with you.

The thrills and joys that you can't enjoy alone,

The tenderness in the smile you give,

The friendship that comes with the touch of your hands.

Love is that look in your eyes,

It is that passion in the dream you share,

It is an irresistible force with fondness that causes;

Tears to roll when you are alone.

Love is the strength to carry on even when it seems impossible...

Admiration which births inspiration to your thought,

The influence from your action.

Love is the wisdom I exhibit when am with you,

It is the gift of trust you give without reservation,

Devotion and patience you exhibit, the self-control you have, the peace we share,

Friendliness, calmness and quietness that speaks volumes...

Fervor in these looks of yours.

I hear it in your songs, feel it in your embrace,

I taste love in your kiss, smell it in your cologne,

See it in that glow in your eyes.

I read it in your lyrics; understand it in your gestures.

Love is articulated in your moves...

Affectionate is the time spent with you.

It is the burden shared with you...

As well as desire to be held by you, touched by you and smiled at by you.

Love is you in my dreams; it is your imagination in my thoughts,

Your very presence in my world.

Your devotion has this way of getting my hopes up in the sky;

It raises my expectation and causes me to expect the unexpected...

Ardor... the expression on your face when I make a mistake.

That expression that says I love you more than the mistakes.

Amity is that delightful and pleasant memories I have of you.

Love is your pleasant and charming face smiling down at me when I look up to you;

Sweet balm that soothes my worries.

Love is the greatest gift ever given,

Delightful admiration shining in your eyes when you look at me.

It is the respect and high esteem you have for me,

Love is in sharing my dreams with you.

It is in you running alongside me in the pursuit of my dream.

Enthusiastic fulfillment I get knowing you are always there for me!

Love is the best of all the gifts you have ever given me.

For one can give without affection but cannot love without giving,

Love is the you that you have given me.

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.

Author's Bio: 

Agu, Jaachynma N.E. is a successful, dynamic, prolific and Best-selling author.
She is the Author of Best-Selling Book: Risk It, Be Different, available at