Love is in the air! This is that time of the year when one can easily spot couples holding hands and singing love songs and sweet nothings into their partner’s ears. And why not, after all this is the month of February; the month of Valentine’s Day; the month of love!

So let us find out what this month hold for you when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Aries: Carrying high spirits from last month you are happy with the way things are going. You feel it’s the right time for you to let go. This month you are likely to find yourself love struck. With your charisma lying in the mystery that revolves around you, you are ready to hand over your heart to a special someone. You might feel the need to deepen your relationship with your partner. You may consider taking an adventurous trip with your lover as well.

Taurus: Taureans aren’t the most expressive of the zodiac signs and are risk averse; all this is likely to change with a new found aggression. Your love life is about to take off like never before. You are likely to meet a new prospective love interest through a good friend of yours. Your relationship will bring security to your life. However, beware as things might not go at the pace you desire.

Gemini: Gemini could be experiencing emotional disturbances in your relationship at this time of the year. Although you are too afraid to bring it up, it’s imperative for you to talk it out. Those who are considering moving out of town and fear if long distance would work in the favour of their relationship or not, trust your heart and go with the flow as now is a good time to do so. Do not let past incidences cast a shadow on your future.

Cancer: You will surprise yourself by unveiling your romantic talents. Now is the time for you to explore with love and relationships. With an ache to getting to know someone inside out, you will indulge in a heart to heart conversation with someone pretty close to you. You might end up meeting the person of your dreams by the end of the month.

Leo: February for the lions may bring end of a complicated problem with their loved one, and thereby marking relief and rejoice. You will start afresh, enjoying every juice of falling in love all over again. The brave and courageous lions will not be afraid to take risks at this time. For those of you who are single, a special someone might knock at your door by the end of the month.

Virgo: February will bring ups and downs in your love life. There might be some complications in your relationship as you start focussing on bigger goals. Your partner may feel neglected. Give them some time as well and assure them that you are there for them all along. Single Virgos may smell nascent romance by the end of second week which might not convert into something significant.

Libra: This month may mark the birth of a love affair that you have been seeking for a long time. Break those shackles and let yourself loose. Do not hold your emotions and be as expressive as you can be. You have protected yourself for way too long, it’s time for you to experiment and let it loose. However, do not over-indulge yourself. It is crucial for you to maintain the balance.

Scorpio: Scorpions will invest a lot of time this month amongst their family and their loved one. Hiccups, in the form of intimacy and loyalty, may come up in your romantic relationship. Sort it out with a cool head and do not over-react. February calls for prioritisation for the Scorpions. You might get amazed with a new face in your life.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians may struggle to run things smoothly. Do not ignore the ones craving for your attention. You may get a call from someone very special and/or bump into an old love which will become a hot topic in your circles. It’s high time you turn up the love in your heart and stop holding back your emotions and measuring your words.

Capricorn: Capricorns like everything to be in place before they take a big step. February seems to bring to you a complete romantic roller-coaster ride. A road trip that you have been planning with your partner since a really long time may fall into place. You may feel relief after discussing with your partner a burning issue both of you were avoiding in the past.

Aquarius: Aquarians will attract a lot of admirers who will take love interest in them in this period. It’s the right time for you to come closer to your partner and strengthen your bonds. Your love for yourself may come in the way of your relationship. However, it’s not the right time to clash head-on with your partner. Be calm and patient, and enjoy the attention.

Pisces: This is the right time for you to introspect and reconsider. You have been clinging on to a past memory and it’s time for you to let go. You are likely to meet a new prospective lover at workplace during this month. You may even take a big step in your relationship. You will embrace changes in your romantic life with open hands and everything will fall into place by the end of the month.

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