Love can be experienced in all five elements:

We think about love

We act with love

We share the love

We manifest love

We are love

The intention of Love is set in the essence, in the Ether Element.

To set this beautiful intention in the Air Element, you will take some time for reflection to clarify what love means to you. You can also create your own mantra to remind yourself to focus your mind on loving thoughts and perceptions.

In the Fire Element, you observe what sparks love within you. Which actions, which role trigger this beautiful warm feeling of love.

Being sensitive to your emotions gives you a chance to clear your relationships. Your intuition and sensibility give space for sharing the love with harmony and balance in the giving and receiving. This is where the Water Element comes into play.

Giving space and time for the experience of love is key to manifest. It is the reflection of the Earth Element.

May love shine within and all around!

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Christelle Chopard

Author's Bio: 

Christelle Chopard is the Founder of the DHARMI® METHOD, for holistic healing and self-development. A GPS for your life, the DHARMI Method is based upon positive intentions, the Five Elements, Seven Frequencies and wholesome values. It considers our spaces of reflection, inspiration, needs, and relationships. Participants of DHARMI Method programs receive guidance and tools to balance their emotional body, develop emotional intelligence and clarify their mind, so they may complete cycles and take leadership with positive intention.