Love is an expansive connective energy that enables individuals to experience the sublime grandeur of the core of their own being by sharing that relational energy with others. Empathically tuning into what is experientially genuine, naturally good, or fully alive in another life presence arouses similar qualities in our own being, through a process of sympathetic vibratory resonance, or compatible energy attunement. In deeply invested empathic communion, heartfelt experiential attunement, caring energetic connection, or true love, we find our fulfillment by reflecting each other’s essential qualities of life energy, such as, generosity, compassion, courage, beauty, goodness, sweetness, or enchanted richness of being, which “magnetically” arouses similar noble, exalted, or sublime qualities in ourselves. Any qualities of true greatness, genuine sincerity, and natural goodness that we empathically contact in another life presence arouses similar qualities in ourselves, because the “seeing” and “being” of the shared energy of love are interrelated processes. When we view others and ourselves through the “eyes” of love, or the perspective of nonjudgmental empathic attunement, the energy of love intuitively “sees” or recognizes (re-cognizes) its own loving, lovable, lovely qualities of flawless purity, integrated cohesive wholeness, regenerative life energy, or blessedness, in whoever or whatever it gazes upon. That is why true love naturally brings blessing by revealing its own blessed energy presence as the true being of the lover, the beloved, and the relational energy that flows between them.

Sublime qualities of love such as true inner and outer beauty, sweetness, wonder-full enchantment, joyful vitality, and total security reflect an exalted or very high vibratory frequency of relational life energy, which give our consciousness the experience of being filled full to overflowing with a fully satisfying life energy presence. The relationally shared energy presence of love also involves the experience of full blessedness, or being united to the source of everything that contributes to full satisfaction, total security, and overflowing fullness of being. The sweet or juicy qualities of love are what satisfy and nourish our inner being, metaphorically represented by tasty treats that stimulate our material taste buds with vibrations that are experienced as sweet and succulent. The energy of love naturally seeks full energetic and experiential union or deep communion with the beloved so that we can experience the blessed essence or relational core of our own life energy being as love. The vibratory energetic pattern, evolutionary blueprint, “song”, “dance”, or “story” of our own heart, soul, or essential core of being is inherently relational to other individuals, and, therefore, is naturally aroused through our loving empathic communion with them. Our empathic appreciation of the truly lovable, noble, or blessed qualities of other individuals is reflected or resonated back to us as the blessed experience of our own individual form of the being, energy, “electricity” or “electromagnetic pulse” of love. Being in the presence of and in deeply invested empathic communion with someone who we deeply care about arouses and releases the essential “juices” and related vibratory energy pulse of our own individual being, as naturally matching, compatible, complementary, resonating, vibratory energy pulses. That is why true love or warmhearted caring is the greatest natural tonic, elixir, succulent sweetness, or ambrosia and nectar of life energy.

The urge to connect to another individual at a sensual, sexual, mental, emotional, experiential, and/or energetic level is part of a natural urge for full union, unrestricted communion, empathic attunement, or deep vibratory resonance of our individual energy fields. The deeper our level of communion with the wholeness of another individual’s living energy presence, to the very core of their being, the more deeply, fully, or greatly the energy of our own whole being is “magnetically” amplified, or enhanced in its pitch or rhythmic pulsation, to the very core of our being. The process of empathic communion or energetic experiential attunement is the relational connection of true love that reveals the blessed love-being of each of the participating individuals, through an “electromagnetic” process of sympathetic, congruent, compatible, complementary, or harmonic vibratory resonance. The relational energy of love makes us extremely open or “superconductive” to contacting, experiencing, expressing, amplifying, and limitlessly expanding all of the shared qualities of love, sublime grandeur, or blessedness that are inherent to the shared being of love.

We must unselfishly, generously, abundantly share the blessed qualities, capacities, and gifts of love for them to grow more abundant, richer, more vivid, or more fully developed in our own experience, because the expansive process of sharing our caring energy with others releases or elicits the source, or reservoir of that energy to unfold deeper and deeper levels of itself, like pumping water from a limitless fountain, or like the heartbeat pumping blood to circulate throughout our individual body. However, any kind of egocentric, narcissistic, self-seeking sets into motion a greater and greater accelerating momentum of contraction of energy, producing increasing levels of scarcity rather than abundance of the inner and outer riches of reality. Any kind of selfish self-seeking is grounded in an implicit premise of inner deficiency or lack of wholeness of being and well-being, for which we try to compensate by trying to fill ourselves with something that we presume that we currently lack. That selfish premise of inner deficiency naturally produces an increasing momentum of inner and outer experiences of deficiency, limitation, scarcity, or lack of material and experiential abundance. However, unselfishly sharing our caring energies, talents, and gifts with others implicitly reflects an opposite premise that our being or energies are limitless and inexhaustible, so we do not fear being permanently depleted or deprived through the process of giving of our energies. This premise of limitless abundance of being must actually be lived or expressed through the expansive process of sharing our caring energies to be experientially valid; theoretical affirmations of abundance that do not involve an expansive flow of energy to others are likely to set into motion an opposite contracting momentum, producing increasing levels of inner and outer deficiency and scarcity rather than true abundance. When we set into motion the expansive energy of love by unselfishly sharing our warmhearted caring, investment of empathic attention, and other resources with others, that expansive momentum reveals the blessed or limitlessly renewable, regenerative, fully satisfying qualities that are intrinsic to the expansive, inexhaustible, energy of love.

There is a natural rhythmic oscillation between the giving and receiving of the expansive relational energy of love, like the natural process of inhalation and exhalation within the greater whole process of breathing, or like the rhythmic in-beat and out-beat of the heart. This rhythmic flow of energy between receiving and giving, or between self and other, is naturally meant to occur spontaneously, guided by what intuitively feels “right” to our core integrity from moment to moment, and is not meant to be managed through volitional control, which interferes with the unpredictable pulse of love’s natural flow. Conscious control tends to be one-sided, exclusive, imbalanced, restrictive, rigid, divisive, whereas the energy of love is a natural integrated seamless wholeness and spontaneous flexibility that arises from the mystery core of our being, sometimes beyond what the conscious mind can measure, predict, and control. The “perfect pitch” or rightful harmonic integrated coherence of our core integrity can gradually emerge and reveal itself when we no longer try to impose preconceived patterns or predetermined agendas upon the relational energy of love and the individual energy of our own being. Having plans and preferences is natural and should not be relinquished or suppressed, but we need to intuitively align those with rather than against the natural spontaneous flow of our individual being and relational connections.

Genuinely caring relationships or loving empathic connection propels the two or more participating individuals to a very high vibratory speed frequency of conscious and unconscious energy, the level of full cohesion, integrated coherence, or permanent integrity wholeness, which cannot be disintegrated, the supreme source level of reality or creative intelligence. That integrated wholeness or core integrity level of reality integrates the individual, relational, and unity or universal levels of reality. Optimal health of all levels of our being, including body, mind, energetic heart, soul, and spirit, involves attunement to the integrating wholeness of reality, which is the energy of individual integrity and the connective energy of love, uniting the inner and outer (or subjective and objective) levels of reality into a greater integrated wholeness of being. Thus, the experience of true wholeness and fullness of being or overflowing abundance of life energy comes from the relational union of subjective and objective reality, or inner and outer reality, in fully invested self-forgetful communion with another individual. Perhaps the co-created blessed energy of love can also magnetically repel malign inner and outer forces. The expansive energy of love should be able to displace and replace contracting energies of fear and negativity that naturally attract malign predatory forces of all kinds, inwardly and outwardly. When we are full of true love or genuine warmhearted unselfish caring, then we are free of fear; and then evil negativity has nothing of its own nature to attach itself to in us, so it automatically gets reflected back to sender as a principle of justice, as epitomized by the principle, “as you sow, so shall you reap.”

Any qualities, gifts, or treasures of love, goodness, or spirit we unselfishly, generously share with others naturally grows more abundantly developed in us, too. As we give deeply of our warmhearted caring energy, time, talents, insights, and material resources to other people, we thereby access, elicit, or “pump out” correspondingly deeper, richer, grander levels of energy from the inner wellspring or bottomless, inexhaustible reservoir of our own individual being. This involves a veritable ontic gift exchange, bringing out the best in ourselves by bringing out the best in others, through a process of vibratory resonance or empathic attunement. We are not necessarily limited only to exchanging material gifts, resources, and ideas (although that can also be very valuable and necessary, at times); we can also enrich one another’s inner being and transformational development with a higher or grander vision of what we can be at our best, as a blessing, true vision of excellence, or what the ancient Greeks called Arete. When we view others with the “eyes” or perspective of love, it can give us a true vision of their realistically attainable greater levels of unfolding fruition, transformational development, and limitless abundance of being. When we invest our whole being in empathic communion or heartfelt attunement with another individual, to the core of their being, that enables us to see beyond their surface appearance (such as their physical features, illusory acquired psychosocial masks of ego-personality, and current level of development) to a deeper level of their permanent being and of what they are naturally meant to become. This ability of empathic loving communion to see beyond the surface appearance and the sometimes disagreeable, acquired, personality traits of other individuals brings to mind St. Exupery’s insightful observation, in The Little Prince, “only the heart sees rightly; what is essential is not visible to the eyes.” True love, or warmhearted caring, is a great co-creative transformational blessing power to bring our deeper hidden or latent inner resources to the surface in more developed form. Furthermore, the energy of caring warmth or true love is like a soothing lubricant, ointment, or balm to release whatever energies, habits, or patterns have become stuck, misdirected, distorted, and toxic in us. As we develop greater discernment, alertness, responsibility and accountability to self and others, we can thereby increasingly align ourselves with the vibratory energy pulse of love, as integrated wholeness, which enables it to gradually transform us into its own blessed nature, while transmuting or transforming our “shadow” or negative qualities. We must learn to follow the winding vibratory pulse of integrity, beauty, love, to its source in our own limitless power source, our inexhaustible core being, metaphorically like following the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz story.

People should experiment with various ways of producing soulful, heart-inspired products that are made with love, saturated with the living energy presence of love. Such products would be highly blessed living products, imbued with regenerative love-life energy to enhance the vitality, well-being, and creative functioning of people who come into contact with those blessed products, and the regenerative relational or connective energy field transmitted by such products. That would be a meaningful contrasting alternative to “dead” products that are produced exclusively through mechanical means, without much investment of the producer’s inner being or heartfelt caring. Such products are basically deadening or numbing, shallow, sterile, dry, without real juices of life energy, like a body without a soul. However, love-inspired, love-blessed products can serve to revitalize contemporary society, as well as enrich individuals, dyadic relationships, families, groups, and social networks, with a greater quality, stature, nobility, blessedness, enchantment, or richness of being, beyond the more easily measurable, quantifiable, material benefits that can exist without such infusion of love-blessed energies. At their best, social and professional networks can function as synergistic/co-creative platforms, thereby providing opportunities to exchange empowering energy, liberating new options, expanded resources, and a transformative blessing grounded in a true vision of one another’s untapped potentials. Through the process of fully investing our conscious attention and caring energies in heartfelt empathic communion with other individuals, we make contact with the core of their being where those untapped latent potentials abide, and we energize those potentials to become activated, like seeds that sprout or eggs that hatch when exposed to warmth of sunlight. We are meant to serve as energy transformers, inner and outer resource magnifiers, amplifiers, or elicitors, for one another. The best way to generate a sustainable momentum for our individual lives, personal relationships, social networks, and global society is to deeply explore how we can minimize energy draining or toxic energy processes, while maximizing energy gaining or regenerative energy processes, in our inner and outer lives. Such co-creative synergistic partnerships would be guided by win-win mutual benefit principles rather than Social Darwinism, involving zero sum game destructive predatory competition, grounded in win-lose scenarios.

Warmhearted individuals around the world should unite as a veritable “tribe” or community of embodied human seraphim, outlets for divine love flame. Uniting together in this way would greatly amplify the energy power of love, enabling the force of love to bless, heal, and transform this world, and distressed individuals in this world, from the inside as well as from the outside, as a regenerative inner atmosphere. Perhaps such a community of love-awakened individuals would be relatively rare in the universe, since purported extraterrestrial visitors to our planet earth are usually depicted as being basically mechanical, robotic, technologically advanced but without heart and soul, without energy feeling, and therefore, apparently lacking the ability to create and appreciate true beauty and joyful vitality. Those who contribute to awakening the love-heart and soul of humanity should be respected and rewarded for their contributions, even if they lack the technical skills necessary to contribute to the material needs of humanity. The more readily quantifiable, measurable, skills and contributions of more technically or mechanically oriented persons should also be respected and rewarded without devaluing, marginalizing, and impoverishing those who lack such skills but who are naturally meant to serve the nourishment and development of the “inner being” of humanity through the relatively advanced level of their own inner being, their heart and soul.

Anyone who wishes to read more of our inspirational/transformational insights should see our two published books, 1) Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation. (ISBN: 978-1-62857-075-5) and 2) Deepening Your Personal Relationships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication. (ISBN: 978-1-61897-590-4). The primary author is Dr. Max Hammer, with contributions from secondary authors Dr. Barry J. Hammer and Dr. Alan C. Butler. These books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or our author/publisher website, The latter website also posts our other blogs, and describes our books and us as authors.

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In terms of my personal qualities, I am a warmhearted, compassionate, soulful, reflective, man, born in 1958.
I have a Ph.D. in the History of Religions/Spirituality, but also have significant background in psychology, psychotherapy, and interdisciplinary humanities.
I am an inspirational/transformative writer, public speaker, life coach, and relationship advisor.
I am a contributing author of two recently published books,

1) Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation. (ISBN: 978-1-62857-075-5)

2) Deepening Your Personal Relationships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication. (ISBN: 978-1-61897-590-4).

The primary author is Dr. Max Hammer, with contributions from secondary authors Dr. Barry J. Hammer (me) and Dr. Alan C. Butler. These books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or our author/publisher website, The latter website also posts our other blogs, and describes our books and us as authors.