This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill‘s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.
Learn From Adversity and Defeat

"Each setback is a seed of opportunity.

Most so-called problems and temporary defeats may prove to be a blessing in disguise. Because what grows from adversity are powerful life lessons that form the steps to success. Defeat is never “failure” until you believe it to be so." ~Napoleon Hill

We all face challenges and setbacks in life.

And instead of feeling overwhelmed or distressed by life’s challenges, you can adopt an attitude that says, “I am bigger than my problems.”

You can remind yourself that fear leads to much unnecessary worry and stress.

But Love is not afraid.

Love knows for sure that everything will be okay.

And just like Napoleon says, what we learn during our trials become the lessons that help us succeed.

Love Conquers All

When you realize that troubles really are chances to grow, you can begin to embrace tough experiences in a whole new way.

Consider for a moment the last time someone upset you. (For me, I don’t have to think back too far!)

Recently, someone close to me questioned the viability of my endeavors.

At the time, I sensed my emotions peaking. My body was responding with a racing heart and tears threatening to burst forth in a grand display.

I was hearing what I didn’t want to hear and picking up on the nervous energy of the conversation.

Thankfully, I was able to communicate honestly that I was not in a place to discuss this particular topic right then.

I admitted that I must step away and that is what I did.

After the fact, I was able to process the content of that interaction and see it from a new, less emotional, perspective. (It’s helps tremendously to have a friend or partner review the matter with you.)

I acknowledge now that I could have easily let this adversity fill me with doubt. It could have discouraged me from continuing towards my dream.

Instead, it has become added motivation to keep pursuing what I value and doing what I believe in with all my heart.

If someone means well but doesn’t understand your vision, thank them for their concern and politely excuse yourself.

Become the kind of person that can handle anything life throws at you with dignity and grace.

Be open to the opinions of others. Just remember that you can have different opinions and still Love each other.

When it comes to doing your work, choose to position yourself where you are surrounded by Love, support and understanding.

And no matter what challenges you face, hold on to the idea that your Love conquers all. You will overcome these obstacles because they are on the way to greatness.

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Let us know what kind of adversity you have overcome to get where you are today.

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