This is the month of detachment and letting things go. You’ve been holding on to this pain and confusion for too long and now is the time to release and let go. There are times when we must remove ourselves from a situation to see the bigger picture. This person has left you depleted and has caused you sadness. They are literally draining the energy out of you and Spirit wants you to know at this time, you have been given a window of opportunity to escape this toxic relationship.

When someone or something is depleting you, you must recharge yourself and step away from the issue to get back what was taken away. Take a time out to relax, reflect, and release. Take a walk in the park, or find a peaceful place to meditate to balance yourself, so you can see things with clear eyes and a clear head space.

You have allowed this individual or situation, move your concentration off what’s important to you. Your family, career, finances, passions and goals have been placed on the back burner because you’re too busy focusing your time on the wrong things . You’ve isolated yourself from the people who care about you most and want to see you succeed. Why do you refuse to see the signs that the Divine ones are sending to you? Stop for a moment and think about all the things you have sacrificed to try to make this situation work. Spend more time working on yourself doing the things that uplift you. Improve your relationship with your Creator, so you can hear the messages being communicated to you.

It’s time to move on and know that you deserve better. You deserve to live your life the way God intended you to live, in peace, filled with love, and balanced. Leaving a relationship or a situation can be difficult, but you are not alone. Spirit is here to guide you and see you through. You know, when you walk away from people and things that no longer serve you, your life begins to evolve and progress in ways you couldn’t even imagine. You have to make the decision and take the final steps to end this cycle for once and for all.

With some of you, it may be you needing to detach from your old way of thinking or an old way of living. Show some love for yourself by giving up addictions and situations that no longer hold a space in your life. Take the lead, don’t wait for someone to make the decision for you. Know what you want and know you have the power to manifest anything you want. You attract who you are, and what you think. If you think positively about yourself, you will only attract positive outcomes and situations.

Make this month about you and take the time to learn yourself and the person you are today. Meditate and spend time in prayer so you can receive your spiritual download. Learning yourself, your thoughts, your feelings will help you discover what kind of partner you deserve. Remember you must find balance, mind, body, and soul in order to tap properly into your intuition. This may be a challenging time for you, but trust that everything will slowly reveal itself in divine timing. Trust Spirit has your best interest at heart , Spirit will never let you down, and never leave you alone.

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Spiritual healer, writer, and servant to the community.