We meet a lot of different people in our lifetime and unfortunately some of these encounters come with disappointments. These disappointments can cause an individual to go into isolation or build a wall up to block their real emotions in fear of being hurt. If you are building a friendship or a relationship, Spirit wants you to go with the flow. Just let things be. Don’t think too much about it and just enjoy the moment.

Spread your wings and release all fear that something is going to go wrong. You deserve to be happy, so why not enjoy the company you keep. Your happiness is your responsibility and you are responsible for the people you invite into your circle. You manifested your friends as well as your partner. It’s important you see your involvement in this union whether it’s good or bad. You are in control.

You want someone who reflects good character and who brings out the best in you. They should display masculine and feminine energy to bring balance to the relationship. Spirit said this in my last reading, be specific in what you want in a partner. Lay it out! Looks and money is a plus but it shouldn’t be on the list. Responsible, reliable, persistent, patient, loyal, and loving. These are the important characteristics your partner should have.

If you have someone in your life who has these qualities and more, trust in the process. Your relationship has the potential of moving to the next level. This can mean an engagement, proposal, or discovering a new friendship. Let go of the pain and disappointments others have caused you. Let go of your fear of being hurt.

Listen to your heart and trust that you will make the right decision. If you are isolating yourself or you just feel lonely, get out and enjoy life. We’ve all made bad decisions before, you are not alone. However, make the decision to be bold and take time to engage with like minded people. You have to live your best life so stop allowing opportunities to pass you by. Step out of your shyness and be your beautiful divine original self.

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Spiritual healer and motivator.