A finance professional and Chartered Accountant, Louw Barnardt found a loophole in the finance system and, together with his trusted associates, ventured to co-found Outsourced CFO. Louw leads a team of talented individuals as the Managing Director.

Louw’s aim at Outsourced CFO is to help clients build world class finance functions for their growing companies.

We at Insights Success a top business magazines got into the conversation with Louw to learn more about his journey and how he has contributed to the finance space through Outsourced CFO.

Embrace to Lead

Louw suggests fellow entrepreneurs stay resilient, keep at it, and keep figuring better ways to carry out tasks. He asks them to find out what changes are a must and meet the demands to stay relevant and don’t give up easily.

He says, “Technology is changing the way finance is being done, and it’s also changing the way companies work. It is a must to embrace technologies. I would want to challenge leaders, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals to make sure that you stay on top of technology. It is developing and changing the world so fast that if you don’t follow suit, you might find yourself on the wrong end of the train.”

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