Lotus Leaf Tea and Weight Loss

Lotus leaf tea comes from a relative of the well-known lotus flower which has been being used for five centuries for everything from diarrhea and stomach upset to circulation problems and mushroom poisoning. It has also been studied more recently and found to be a great slimming tea. Lotus leaf tea has several properties that make it a great addition to a weight loss plan.

Taurine to Decrease Fat Absorption

A study done on mice discovered that taurine is an important amino acid that helps your body burn fat. In the study, obese mice who were also taurine-deficient were given lotus leaf tea prepared simply in hot water. The fat that they ate was not as quickly absorbed by their bodies and their existing fat was burned at a much faster rate, allowing them to lose weight.

It is believed that one of the causes of obesity is a taurine deficiency, so getting additional taurine from elsewhere could get your taurine levels up to normal which will help you burn through the fat that you already have and prevent you from absorbing all of the fat that’s in the food you’re eating. All of this leads to weight loss which is why lotus leaf tea is considered a slimming tea.

L-Carnitine to Increase Fat Burning

Another important amino acid to weight loss that lotus leaf tea contains is L-carnitine. This amino acid breaks down existing fat cells and helps to control metabolism in the cells by using the stored fat as energy for the cells. Although your body does natural produce some L-Carnitine, you typically need more than your body can produce, so you need to get more from your diet.

Unfortunately for vegetarians and those trying to cut back on pork, beef, and dairy products for their health, L-Carnitine is found in high amounts in these foods. However, it can be found in avocados as well as lotus leaf tea and other slimming teas. Increasing the amount of this essential amino acid will help you lose weight, especially when combined with diet and exercise.

Digestive Help

One of lotus leaf tea’s oldest uses was as a digestive aid. This can help you lose weight because it ensures that food is moving through your digestive tract the way it’s supposed to, preventing food from spending too much time in the digestive tract which can lead to weight gain. When this is combined with the fat-absorption blocking properties of taurine, then you’ve got a nice weight loss tea to drink.

Antioxidants for Improved Weight Loss

Lotus leaf tea contains two powerful antioxidants that have been found to specifically help with weight loss: tannins and flavonoids. These antioxidants help fight against toxins at a cellular level. Toxins can occur naturally in the body since they are cellular waste, but they can also build up because of eating processed foods. These can damage cells and slow down your metabolism.

By drinking lotus leaf tea which is high in these antioxidants, you can remove these toxins from your body which will help your metabolism to speed up back which will lead to greater weight loss. Tannins and flavoniods are also important for cardiovascular health, which is great news for those who have heart concerns as well, and they will help you feel better overall.

Combinations for Greater Effectiveness

Many weight loss teas use a combination of different types of teas to achieve a broader range of weight loss methods that will ensure greater weight loss. For example, lotus leaf tea is often combined with green tea extract to make an even more powerful slimming tea. However, lotus tea on its own does pretty well because it uses a combination of taurine and L-Carnitine which help prevent you from absorbing more fat while burning what you do have.

How to Drink Lotus Leaf Tea for Weight Loss

Be sure to follow the directions on your package to achieve the best results for your weight loss. If you experience any negative side effects or feel that it is not as effective as it should be, you can make some adjustments until you are happy with the weight loss tea and its results.

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