You already know the value of vegetables. In case you don't, here's a rundown: They are full of antioxidants that fight free radical damage that causes cancer and other related illnesses. They reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. They keep the immune system healthy and strong as they ward off infections and heal cuts and wounds. They are high in fiber which promotes good gastrointestinal health while allowing you to have repeated servings of salads without adding on excess calories. And because they are complex carbohydrates and take a long time to digest, they also make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. It is no wonder then, that a diet comprised mostly of vegetables always leads to improvement in health and wellbeing.

The problem with vegetables is that they're not very easy to eat. It takes know-how and skill to cook veggies that taste good and as a result, those that are mediocre-tasting are easily pushed aside in favor of the more delicious meats. For those who really can't eat vegetables in their "solid" state, turning them into green smoothies allows you to meet your daily vegetable requirement to benefit your health. Because smoothies are liquid, they don't need to be chewed but simply guzzled in. A vegetable smoothie diet is also effective in weight loss. By replacing one or more meals with green smoothies everyday, you give your body optimum nutrition while staving the need to snack unnecessarily during the day.

In the vegetable smoothie diet plan, you replace breakfast with a green smoothie. It is chockfull of fiber, vitamins and minerals which will help you go through the day full of energy. You can also replace lunch with another green smoothie drink or you can choose to go solid. For dinner, make sure that you have protein, whole grains and more fruits and vegetables to keep your nutrition balanced.

If you haven't tried making vegetable smoothies before, the process is fairly simple. Cut vegetables of your choice into small chunks. Put them in a blender with water and some fruit and blend them well. You can add a little bit of honey for sweetness or you can simply have more fruit in your green smoothies to make the taste more palatable for you. As you get used to the taste of green smoothies, you can even out the portion of fruits and vegetables until such time that you can make pure green smoothies using vegetables alone. There are different types of vegetables that you can use to make your green smoothies. Arugula and lettuce are just two of the many veggies you can use. Bananas and apples make good green smoothie partners as well. You can also go online to check out specific green smoothie recipes to add variety in your menu and prevent yourself from getting bored with just one taste. You can also add low fat or non fat yogurt to your green smoothies for better flavor. By drinking green smoothies, you ensure that you meet your daily vegetable requirements and get that svelte and trim figure you have so long wished for.

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