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The breakfast - or the most important meal of the day. Early on we were told that it would be important to eat at least a snack right after getting up before leaving home. At that time we got a bowl of cornflakes with milk or a Nutella bread. But these eating habits are passé in times of superfood trends, fancy breakfast bobbles and a variety of diets. New knowledge, constant food trends and the demand for a healthier lifestyle are supposed to revolutionise our diet, but create ambiguity in the first place, so that one often ends up confused and asks: Yes, What is really healthy and what is not? What's the best way to start the day? Does the right breakfast influence my success in losing weight? And basically: Do I even have to have breakfast, even though I'm not hungry in the morning?

In the following article we want to clarify exactly these questions for you and show you how to start the day with the right breakfast more energetic, fitter and stronger - which can ultimately influence your success in losing weight. First of all as a spoiler: There is not THAT a breakfast that fits equally well for everyone, everyone tastes and every individual need equal coverage. But there are valuable tips that we can provide you with a healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast - what is really behind it?
The study situation is relevant: every second adult in Germany carries around a few pounds too much or is even overweight. Many want to lose weight - of course, as quickly as possible and if it is also uncomplicated - but hard to do so. The customer success is often already after getting up something in the way: an unhealthy or "wrong" breakfast.

First of all, keep in mind that having breakfast is the first opportunity of the day to provide your body with high-energy food and nutrients. In principle you should not miss this chance. But beware: breakfast is not the same as breakfast! Most German breakfasters feel that their food choices are based on the concept of "sweet breakfast". That means the morning hot drink is accompanied by light rolls, bread or toast topped with jam, chocolate spread or honey.

Such a sweet breakfast is perfectly ok on weekends, as with everything the crowd is poisoning. Why is poison talked about? The usual wheat-containing products (rolls, toast ...) combined with sugary spreads provide your body barely significant nutrients and vitamins, but the blood sugar levels can explode explosively upwards. In addition, there are tons of sugar, which are not only calorie-containing, but also saturate only briefly. Just a few hours after breakfast, you get hungry again and need a snack before lunch. What remains is a large amount of calories, but your body can hardly draw sustainable energy from it. You practically eat "empty calories" and run the risk of increasing in the long run.

"Wrong" Breakfast: You should definitely avoid these things:
Avoid products that contain a lot of industrial sugar such as ready-to-eat cereals, sweetened cornflakes or fruit yoghurt.
Highly processed products (finished products) should also be avoided.
Avoid too much "bad" fats such as known chocolate spreads (containing cheap palm oil) or fatty sausages (salami) from your daily diet.
Avoid wheat flour products such as light buns, these will raise your blood sugar level and sooner or later will make you hungry. This is called "empty" calories, energy without nutrients.
Avoid hectic eating: Get up earlier for a relaxed breakfast and take some time for yourself in the morning.
Eating too little : Your body needs energy in the morning to be efficient, so you should focus on having a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. And no: A quick "coffee to go" and a croissant from the bakery are not a full breakfast!
What should a healthy breakfast look like instead?
As a first meal of the day, having a breakfast is a great way to spend your energy day and energy. It is important that you eat and drink in peace and in a relaxed atmosphere. So take time for your breakfast, just so you will be able to change your morning habits permanently. A healthy breakfast does not always have to look the same. Whether you have a sweet breakfast or a hearty breakfast, your breakfast should be as balanced, full-bodied and energetic as possible. The right mix of enough protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and high-quality fats not only ensures a good start to the day, but also provides an optimal basis for a well-rounded and healthy diet. If you rely on a clever selection of ingredients, You can eat enough at breakfast and do not have to cut calories. If you want to make sure you keep your calorie balance throughout the day - so eat without gaining weight - you can take oursuse free calorie calculator. He simply expects you to calculate your individual calorie requirement.

The key components for a healthy breakfast:
Sufficient liquid : Unsweetened herbal teas, black or green tea, coffee, lukewarm water possibly with freshly squeezed lemon juice
Complex carbohydrates : oatmeal , wholegrain flakes , home-made muesli, wholemeal bread or wholegrain crackers
Protein : Low-fat cottage cheese or yoghurt, eggs, salmon, low-fat cold cuts, cheese
Healthy fats : nuts, avocado, eggs, peanut, almond or cashew
Vitamins : Fresh fruits and / or vegetables, homemade smoothies or juices

Consider these components in your morning food choices and you'll better start your day under warranty. With more energy, an energetic metabolism, saturated and immune to unhealthy morning snacks. And that dear friends, significantly influenced the success in losing weight! After all, those who leave the house in the morning run freezing past the delicious bakery and can not be seduced by unnecessary snacks at work. You will also be spared the dreaded hunger hole until the next big meal.

NOTE: Eating breakfast and losing weight will not be mutually exclusive if you rely on the right food selection and cleverly combine your ingredients. Just keep track of your calorie balance throughout the day

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Shivani Sikri (Chief Nutritionist & Co-Founder, NUTRI4VERVE)

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