Losing weight can be a challenge at any age. But when you get to 40, it can be particularly tough. It requires checking your old habits and developing some new ones. And at this time in life, the old habits can be even harder to break!

However, if you have the right approach, you can still stay “girlishly” slim. Perhaps you can’t indulge in pasta as often as you used to . . . or get by on 6 hours of sleep 4 days in a row . . .

But if you do the right tactics for staying trim after 40, you’ll not only lose weight but gain in energy, strength and confidence.

Ready to lose weight the smart way (no matter what obstacles those tough post-40 decades throw at you)? Here you’ve got a bunch of tactics that work:

>>Lose Weight After 40 Tip #1: Eat For Lean Muscle Mass
Taking out carbs is one thing, adding in good stuff to build muscles, boost your metabolism and lose fat will keep you even slimmer. What are some great foods to do this kind of work?

• Protein gives your body the most important ingredient for making muscles. Plus, your body doesn’t store extra protein as fat. It just gets rid of it.
• Dip into healthy fats like coconut oil, butter from grass-fed cows, avocado. All of these fats have been shown to boost metabolism and lean muscle building. Better yet, they also make you feel full so you don’t cave into snack attacks unnecessarily.
• Chlorella up! Chlorella gives your body nucleic acids, proteins and lots of vitamins essential for muscle-building. Its unique chlorella growth factor (CGF) is particularly helpful when it comes to rebuilding tissue and keeping you energized.

>>Lose Weight After 40 Tip #2: Reduce the carbs
Whether it’s to prevent wheat allergies, Atkins-inspired or a nod to Paleolithic ancestors, more and more people are reducing the carbs in their life. And for good reason. Your body breaks down carbohydrates – like pasta, bread and sugars - to produce energy. But if you have more of these macronutrients than you need to keep going, your body stores them as fat.

Reams of research also indicate carb’s potential role in messing with your blood sugar levels, setting your hormones off, damaging your digestive system, busting your brain performance and even preventing your body from accessing essential nutrients.

>>Lose Weight After 40 Tip #3: Exercise In Intervals
By the time we reach 40, our bones and joints have been around the block a few times. Our bodies can’t take the poundings they used to. For this reason, it’s easier on your body to do short, intensive workouts made up of intervals than long endurance trainings.

Better yet, these kinds of workouts seem to do a better job of calorie-burning and building lean muscle mass.

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About Dr. David Nelson, Ph D
David Nelson is a nutritional consultant, and has been involved in the field of nutritional studies for over 20 years. Dr. Nelson studied at San Diego University, Iowa State University, and Mankato State University. He currently specializes in the areas of Anti-aging, Sports Performance Nutrition, and Allergy. For the past 15 years, Dr. Nelson has been the Nutritionist at the Center for Advanced Medicine, and co-hosts the radio show "Health Talk, A Second Opinion," with the other doctors from the Center. He is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.