Losing Respect For Your Partner: What Happens When You Lost Respect For Your Husband

Showing respect towards your spouse is crucial to building a strong marriage and avoiding problems in marriage. A marriage lacking respect is not a happy situation and creates marriage problems that could destroy the relationship. Giving and Receiving respect is critical to any successful relationship and is especially true in marriage. When couples marry they are usually expecting it to be for life. Respect of each other is one of the most effective ways to reduce marriage problems and have a lasting marriage.

Some of us may not show respect because we are waiting on our spouse to show the proper amount of respect to us. Unfortunately that response does nothing to improve the marriage and could create even more problems in marriage. Show respect to your spouse even if you feel they are falling short in the respect area. Giving your spouse respect could mean that your spouse will begin to show more respect towards you. Respecting your spouse shows that you value them as a spouse and as a person and is more likely to get a positive response than anger, irritability or withdrawal.

Unpleasant attitudes and behavior by your spouse could be the result of feeling disrespected, unappreciated, and unloved. You may be surprised how showing respect can reduce marriage problems and change the direction of your marriage

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How to give respect:

- Compliment your spouse on a regular basis

- During an argument speak respectfully and lower the emotion level

- Don't lash out, don't sulk or pout

- Respect your spouse's point of view. Often or gut reaction is to reject opinions that differ from our own. Show respect for your spouse by listening and accepting their right to have their own point of view.

- Don't give your spouse orders. If you want them to do something ask them, not demand

- When talking to your spouse listen to what they have to say, make eye contact when you are listening or speaking to them.

One way of showing respect is to give a high priority to the marriage and your relationship. Have conversations with each other about other things besides your children. Parents should go on dates with each other and arrange alone time without the children.. This strengthens a couple's relationship with each other. Good relationships between parents give children a sense of security and are reassuring to them.

Signs of marital disrespect:

1. Yelling screaming and belittling your spouse is not an effective way to build a strong marriage. It is a way to make for a horrible marriage.

2. Dominating the conversation and not allowing your spouse the opportunity to express themselves in private or in a social settings

3. If one person feels they are always right it diminishes the other person and does not reflect that you respect them or their opinions

4. Making important family decisions without discussing it with your spouse

5. Not giving your spouse the courtesy of listening when they are speaking to you

Many marriage problems come from not respecting how men and women differ. Men and women respond to many things differently. Women are usually more verbal than men and are more into expressing their feelings. Men are not usually as verbal in expressing their feelings or emotions. It's important to respect the differences.

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Marriages need a lot of work. There is suddenly so much to cope with that people in this relationship forget each other and get replaced with bills, insurance, health issues, relatives that need looking after, children, education etc. But if you want to bring your marriage alive and keep your husband satisfied here is what you should do.

Perk up your looks: It can be quite tiring to be on the go at all times. But if you want to make your husband wake up and take notice of you then you will have to perk up your looks. Start getting out of your worn out gym clothes and get some functional yet trendy everyday clothes. A few highlights, some make up and glowing skin is all that you need to keep your husband feeling satisfied in the way you look.

Get some alone time: Take some time off occasionally to do your own things. Alone time is very important for personal satisfaction. Doing things independently off each other is going to bring you closer as there will be a lot more to talk about than the usual run of the mill household stuff. Your husband too will relish this time alone and will get closer to you.

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Don't try to control him: Women begin to control their husbands soon after they get married. That irks men but for the sake of the peace of the household they relent and get controlled. If you want to keep your husband satisfied then give him his space and let him be. Remember you didn't get married to him to change him.

Be fair when fighting: Be a fair fighter. Men cannot remember all that has happened in the past and when you draw inferences from previous fights and use them in the current fight they feel like they are fighting a losing battle. Be fair and stick to the current issue and don't resort to fake crying or emotional blackmail just to win a fight.

Trust him: Learn to trust your husband. Stop prying into his stuff, going through his phone messages or e mails. Make him feel like he is in a trusted relationship and doesn't have a dagger hanging over his head at all times.

Keep it light: Don't create an issue out of everything. Some things can be let go of quite easily. So be a relaxed person to hang out with and be light.

Keep the bedroom hot: Lastly, throw out your cotton nightdress and invest in some sexy lingerie. Keep the temperature in your bedroom soaring and keep your husband more than just satisfied.

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It's truly sad to hear of marriages in trouble. But, anyone who asks the question "How can I save my marriage" has already crossed the first hurdle. The fact that you are looking for ways to save a marriage means the desire to do so and the commitment is there. And that's an important starting point. Professional counselors will tell you there are at least 3 effective ways to save a marriage. These are methods and techniques you and your spouse can apply today to start the healing process for your relationship and marriage.

Let's look now at 3 of the best "How do I save my marriage" advice anyone could ever give you --

1. Learn to communicate better and more often

The most common cause of marital breakdown is the lack of communication or miscommunication between spouses. When problems arise, people stop talking to each other. Simply put, a marriage cannot be saved if the couple can't figure things out together. When a new problem crops up, a married couple needs to talk more not less.

And the quality of communication has to get "higher" too. There must be listening, sensitivity and sharing. Not talking will not lead to better communication or more frequent communication. Clearly, of the many methods you can use, opening up and talking more should be your highest priority.

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2. Choose to compromise

Remember that many things in life are not that important at day's end. When you choose to compromise, you allow your love and respect for one another to have a higher priority than the matter at hand. Be the first to compromise and before you know it, you will both be willing to meet half-way.

3. Make the effort to show more love and affection

Many a time, marriages break down simply because the individuals involved feel that they are not being loved or cared for. Regardless of the issue, couples must remember that feeling loved is important. This is almost a deliberate separation of the issue or problem from the love they have for one another.

Can you see how powerful this can be? The focus is on the problem. And the problem exists separate from my love for you. If the question is "How do I save my marriage"? The answer is then to treasure it over and above any problem that arises. As you can see from the above, your commitment and effort is required. To communicate, compromise and show love and affection. Among the many ways to save a marriage, experts and marriage counselors will cite these as among the 3 most important.

If today, you are asking the question "How do I save my marriage", consider how you can apply these 3 tips into your situation. You will be pleasantly surprised at the healing and rebuilding that can be achieved in your marriage if you only give these a try.

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The reality of marriage or any relationship is that none of them are perfect and not all of them last forever. So why do some marriages fail while others succeed? Obviously there are a variety of specific reasons why a marriage can fail, but I think it ultimately boils down to the idea that either one partner or both partners at some point found themselves in an environment that they no longer wanted to be in. If your spouse wants a divorce and you don't, can you do anything to stop it?

Each of us who are married has a responsibility to our spouse to create and nurture the environment that originally attracted us to one another. When things have reached the point where one partner wants a divorce, the other partner effectively pushes them away be reacting negatively. Reacting negatively could include any number of things, including, crying, begging, anger, promises to change etc. These will almost always have the exact opposite result that was intended.

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So can you make someone love you or can you make them stay with you? Ultimately, no, but you can love them enough to calmly respect their decision to move on and give them the space to do it. Amazingly enough, this quite often has the effect of making them want to stay because by doing so you are creating an environment that encourages them to re-examine their decision. The more you push back and cling desperately, the more they will pull away.

This is usually a very difficult and frightening step to take because it seems counter-intuitive to your natural desire to try and hold on to that which is important to you. But it is a very powerful and important first step which gives you the greatest chance to prevent divorce. Now, what do you do next?

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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