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It is really not easy to lose a baby through a miscarriage. It affects not only the wife but also the husband and even their families and friends. It can also have some effects on the pregnant mother's health.
Dealing with such a loss can be quite difficult, but it can also be bearable as long as you know what you are going to do. Here are some of them:

Coordinate with your doctor right away. When you are having a miscarriage, the first thing you should do is to bring yourself to the hospital and contact your doctor right away. It is very important that it is dealt with immediately to avoid loss of blood or even blood poisoning. Moreover, despite the loss, she is still considered to be in a pregnant state and can still go through the different physiological and emotional changes due to hormones. It is best to be properly guided by an expert.

Acknowledge the loss. The sooner you accept the loss of the baby, the faster it will be for you to heal.

Grieve. You have every right to grieve over the loss of your baby. Do not let anyone stop you from doing that. Nevertheless, you should also not prevent someone from consoling you in times when you are in dire need of comfort and protection.

Be busy. It will be much easier for you to get over the grieving process and move on by keeping yourself busy. You can explore new things in your life. You can travel and do some soul searching. Go back to school or take another job. Go out with your family and friends.

Get rid of your anxiety and depression. These two negative emotions can be so powerful they can make you suffer for a very long time. They will prevent you from moving on as well as from forgiving yourself for what happened.

You have the power to change your present mind-set. You can make use of subliminal messages or positive statements. The good thing about these subliminal messages is you can create your own. You can customize the statements according to your present issue. For example, if you are worried you are not going to be pregnant again, the subliminal messages may sound like this:

I believe there's a much better future waiting for us.
I acknowledge the possibility of bearing another child.
I have the power within me to nurture another child.

You can repeat these subliminal messages whenever you are down. By constantly repeating them too you're making them part of your new belief system.

Share your thoughts. Another good way of coping more effectively with the miscarriage is by sharing what you feel. You don't have to always talk about it. If it's more comfortable for you, you can write them down in a journal. You can also write a poem. It will be lovely to go back into these writings and realize how much you've progressed after all the pain you've gone through.

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