What is the cereal diet and does it help you lose weight. Well there are so many diet out there, this one is all about a bowl of cereal as your meal.

The cereal diet is about substituting meals with a bowl of healthy breakfast cereal. So as meal replacements go, milk and cereal are not considered an unhealthy choice. The good thing is that most cereals contain complex carbohydrates, and these keep you going until your next meal. When using almond milk it actually adds lean protein to the mix. So should you choose to avoid dairy than start your cereal diet by using soy milk, rice milk or almond milk.

The idea is that you make sure your serving sizes are small. If you keep your serving sizes small, you may be able to build up a growing calorie deficit that can help you lose weight. However, your individual results depend on a wide variety of factors and cereal is hardly a balanced meal for long term use.

Experts say that cold cereal is a healthy addition to your weight loss efforts, but it’s important that you choose the right types of cereal. And cereal alone cannot provide you with all your nutritional needs. You are okay to substitute a meal with a bowl of cereal but substituting all your meals with cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner might not be too wise.
When you plan your weight loss program, incorporating a variety of foods -- from vegetables to cereals is a wise strategy. Although cold cereal can help you lose weight, avoiding focusing on just one food, do include other foods. So if you choose to substitute dinner with cereal than add some chopped fruits or a few dates and seeds to make it even healthier.

There are numerous varieties of healthy breakfast cereals available at the supermarket. The ones to choose when on a diet are cereals that are high in fibre. Try and choose organic grains and ingredients. Nutrition varies from cereal to cereal, and the calorie count will also vary. So be sure to select low calorie cereal when substituting this for a meal as otherwise you may just end up eating a higher calorie meal if your cereal is high in sugar. Many times cereals are found to be very high in sugar content and it may have been better opting for grilled fish and greens. So just choosing any cereal for your dinner may not be an effective diet plan at all.
Some cereals contain no sodium, little or no added sugar and whole grains, while others have added refined sugars, little whole grain content and substantial sodium content.

Experts say that although eating cereal is a healthy low-calorie choice, don’t just eat cereals when on a weight loss programme. A healthy and sensible weight loss program is one that includes appropriate caloric reduction and a of course a balanced food plan. Don’t skip on the vegetables, whole grains, fruits, meats and beans and reasonable amounts of healthy oils and fats. And cereal do not just have to be eaten with milk, these days with so many options of muesli bars and granola bars you could even have this while on the go. So if you are planning on the breakfast cereal diet than make sure you choose the right cereals and combine with other foods too.

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