Overweight Warning Signs and Symptoms

Reasons Why People Have Trouble Losing Weight

How to Lose Weight Fast In Toronto

How To Help Someone To Lose Weight

Overweight Warning Signs and Symptoms

People who usually eat certain foods, engage in little to no exercise and use their weight for emotional purposes.

Reasons Why People Have Trouble Losing Weight

People usually gain weight because of the food they consume. They then try to count and cut calories, work out like crazy, throw away all their junk food, and then feel so frustrated and deprived that they gain the weight back, plus more.

It’s called yo-yo dieting.

Most people like sweet, salty and fatty foods. I actually support having some of them in your diet if you like them.

The problem comes when people eat too much of these foods which negatively affect their emotional, psychological and physical health.

Although most people try to go on the latest diets to lose weight fast, or try to use willpower to just not eat that donut, most people inevitably fail and loose even more hope.

People usually eat certain foods to meet emotional needs. For example, some people feel so empty inside that they finally feel full and relieved of that empty feeling when they eat really fatty foods. Some people eat certain foods to feel comfortable because they feel so out of control in their lives.

The biggest reason is because people have low self-esteem and that’s one of the ways they connect with themselves and sometimes others.

How to Lose Weight Fast In Toronto

When I coach clients, we never count calories, count pounds, make a weight loss program or make a list of what my client is “allowed” to eat or drink. I don’t motivate them or give them a fake pump-up.

Since our eating and physical habits consciously or unconsciously help us meet our emotional needs, I find out what need(s) my client to trying to meet. I show them how to meet those needs in an easier and healthier way. You can find out which needs you’re meeting by checking out Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs.

As an example to illustrate the 6 Human Needs, when people feel out of control (too uncertainty) in the lives, food can make them feel more comfortable (certain).

It helps them feel comfortable because they know the food as they’ve eaten it before, they know it makes them feel good, and overeating makes blood rush to your stomach, therefore making people feel full and relaxed.

Regarding the food aspect, I generally believe that it’s good to eat a little bit of everything. I love sweets and salty foods, and I also love fruits, vegetables, nuts and tofu, so I eat some of all those things.

Through our coaching sessions, you’ll get more options which are easier for your mental, physical and psychological wellbeing. The cravings will decrease and you’ll actually want to try some other delicious food.

You’re feel confident and self-assured, and people will notice and compliment you on your amazing transformation.

How To Help Someone To Lose Weight

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