Breaking old habits is hard. By the time we reach our 50s most of us have fallen into a way of life that we do not want to change. The old saying "It is hard by the yard but a cinch by the inch" is true for most of us. It is much easier to change a little at a time so that over time this amounts to a big change. There are many small steps you can take to reach the bigger goal of losing weight. These three tips to lose weight are small but effective steps towards the bigger goal.

Eat More Slowly

Eating a meal slowly is a very effective way to lose weight. I know it sounds crazy and I did not believe it at first, but research backs it up. Eating slowly gives the brain time to recognize that you have eaten, that the hunger signals have been satisfied.

I can vouch for this. A friend of mine, who always wolfed down his food, was putting on weight and could not reduce his stomach fat. He was going to the gym three times a week but nothing was happening. When his doctor found he was a fast eater he told my friend to slow down to give his brain time to catch up. He took the doctor's advice and he lost the extra weight, and he has kept it off.

Do Not Skip Meals

Missing meals or starving yourself makes you put on weight. You will eat more at the next meal because you feel the need to make up. Eat regularly and, if you can, eat smaller portions more often. This will help you keep your energy at a higher level so that you do not feel the need to eat large amounts.

It also helps to keep your blood sugar level by avoiding the sudden spikes caused by eating large amounts irregularly. Sudden surges in blood sugar can cause you to put on weight. Have slightly smaller meals with healthy snacks in between. Try to stay away from snacks with high sugar content.

Drink Water Before A Meal

Drink a glass of water before a meal. This will help take away feelings of hunger and help fill your stomach. If you feel full you will be less inclined to eat more. The brain can get the hunger and thirst signals confused, which means you may be thirsty when you think you are hungry. Having a drink of water may help you delay eating a little longer.

Water is calorie free, so it will not add to your weight. In addition to that, according to the Mayo Clinic, water with meals helps digestion. Water helps digestion by breaking down the food in your stomach, which makes it easier for the body to handle.

It is well worth trying these three tips to lose weight. They are only small steps, but make enough small steps and you can cover a lot of ground.

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